The Mark – one cannot buy or sell without IT.

By :Robert-Dean: House
A few weeks ago, i took some scrap metal to the salvage yard and exchanged it for fiat currency.  When i went up to the casher to collect she asked me for an I.D. so i handed her the Lawful one i had made with my seal of my red thumb print on the back of it.  She denied it and asked for a Driver’s License.  I explained that i do not have one for i do not need one to travel in my own private property.  She said that she was just doing her job and it was required to have one in order to get paid.  Luckly the guy behind me was a pastor and i asked him if he would display his for me.  He agreed.  No problem, right? 
A couple week ago i went into a Dollar Tree store and bought some items and a 15 pack of beer.  The clerk asked for an I.D., I am 63 Y.O. American., so i showed her my I.D. and explained to her why that was what i had for identification and that there is no other form of I.D. that has the red thumb print seal on it.  I noticed how cheep the beer was so i went back a few days later for more.  This time a different clerk, and another nearby, asked for an I.D.  This time i asked why i need to show one for it is obvious that i am old enough.  She said it was the stores police and she did not wish to get fired.  I showed my I.D. and she said i needed a State issued one or a Driver’s License. I reminded her that only a law enforcement official could ask for a Driver’s License from a commercial driver.  The other clerk jumped in and stood with the check-out girl.  I took my I.D. back, left the beer on the counter and walked out and stopped at Winn-Dixie on the way home for my purchase.   
Two days ago, a friend and i stopped at the Harbor Freight hardware store where he got two tires with rims for his small boat trailer.  I check out first and went back to the truck.  A few moments he was behind me but with no tires.  He said they wanted his name, address, phone number, etc. in order to purchase the tires because they were a D.O.T. approved item.  Needless to say, he left the tires and walked out.  He later informed me that he would come back with his wife and have her leave her information. 
Point being?  The corporate entities are taking orders from the State / County Corporate entities via a License and leading the people into a soon to come, Shot I.D., the Mark of the Beast.  And yes, you, you people are letting it happen.  I am yet to write a form of affidavit of a Claim of Human Rights violation in my two incidents.  This is what an informed People are supposed to do, not contact an attorney.  When enough of us do this, we can get them to change their policies and or, with enough people not using their business, can close them down, then who will be afraid to lose their job? 
So, once again, do a Live Life Claim and get out of the Beast Legal System.  We do not need them.  We can buy and sell among ourselves and without a License from that system.  Please email me at, and i will send you a free Template and instructions. 
Merry Christmass. 

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