Door-to-door vaccination teams unleashed in NYC… they’re coming for you

From: Natural News <>

In NYC, the vaccine enforcement squads are being unleashed to go door-to-door, coercing people into taking the jabs. This completes yet another prediction we made that was once derided as a “conspiracy theory.”This practice will expand to other states, and rumors are flying that California will initiate aggressive new forced quarantines similar to Australia. Prepare for covid concentration camps in California. Also today: We cover the FDA allowing abortions pills to be sent via the US mail while confiscating ivermectin delivered in the mail. It’s all about maximizing the deaths of human beings, of course. See all those stories and more in today’s feature article list below. Also today: My Situation Update podcast calls out President Trump for pushing vaccines and Candace Owens for making excuses for Trump.

Listen here.

Finally today, I’ve also posted a review of the new film, “Don’t Look Up,” pointing out that the Leftists who made the film are themselves blinded to the real threats facing human civilization.
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