Parse Syntax vs Dog Latin by :Robert-Dean: House

Parse Syntax is a proper language as one can see by doing their own research.  Example:  YOU ARE COMMANDED TO APPEAR FOR A HEARING…. is the improper way to use all caps.  The proper way is, YOU-ARE-COMMANDED-TO-APPEAR-FOR-A-HEARING….  This is known as a Glosses as per the Chicago Manual of Style page 685, 11.128. 
Dog Latin is a phrase or jargon that imitates Latin, often by “translating” English words into Latin by conjugating or declining them as if they were Latin words.  Sometimes “dog Latin” can mean a poor-quality attempt at writing genuine Latin. 
The Legal System uses dog Latin in reverse such as the word, “Subpena / Subpoena”.  No matter how it is spelled, it is a Latin word being used as an English word when asked of what language a Subpena document is in, they will reply to it with “English”.  This is Fraud and a crime of its own means. 
I have just now, today, discovered the two different spellings for the Word Subpoena.  My Noah Webster 1828 dictionary it is “Subpena” defined as, “A writ commanding the attendance in court of the (person) on whom it is served; as witness, etc”.  (Notice the word persons?  Go to the Bible under Job 32:21 for the meaning)  
Looked up under DuckDuckGo, I found “Marian Webster” written in a circle and “Since 1828” to the right side.  This alone is false for it is Noah in 1828 not Marriam.  Then the word here is now altered to be spelled as “Subpoena” with the fear meaning of, ” A writ commanding a (person) designated in it to appear in court under a penalty for FAILURE”.  What the….
They are changing the dictionaries and meaning of words to continue to confuse people under their Legal System corporate government control.  Want to get free of that control?  Then do so and give them a written notice that you are not one of their citizens slaves by doing a Live Life Claim and giving them proper service and instructions to back off.  For a free Template and instructions please send me an email and i will sent them to you. 

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