The One Page Declaration

Get started on your way to becoming an American State National! or American State Citizen!

One Page Declaration — The 1779 Naturalization Act

In July of 1779 the Founders faced a problem: how to identify Americans versus Brits and Dutch and Swedes and other nationalities living here in this country? The 1779 Naturalization Act was the answer.

It’s a very simple requirement by which our Forefathers identified themselves as Americans and not Brits, not French, not Dutch…. or any of the other options that were available in Colonial America.

We have been facing a similar problem today, in that our Federal Subcontractors have proliferated and promoted their citizenship(s) as separate political statuses, and have created False Registrations as Territorial U.S. Citizens and as Municipal “citizens of the United States” in our names without our knowledge or consent.

Once again, we need to declare our political status as Americans.

So, we use The 1779 Naturalization Act and we provide some necessary updates by which Americans, both those born within the physical borders of the States, and those who have been Naturalized as United States Citizens, may establish and/or re-verify their political status via recording their Declarations with their State Assemblies.

Today, we have released a One Page Declaration for all those born within the borders of one of the States, and are making it available to all the State Assemblies. This one page adequately replaces all the intricate and cumbersome and expensive process (928 paperwork) that the pioneers had to go through, and as the State Assembly does the recording and verification of identities, there will no longer be any need to argue with or pay any State of State officials for recording services.

It has been recommended that each State Assembly adopt a simple fee for service and also establish a waiver so that those who are truly poor are able to record their Declaration and obtain their ID cards for free.

This also means that as you are “coming home” you will need to contact your State Assembly and check in by signing this one page Declaration and providing them with birth records and two Witness Testimonies affirming your identity and the place where you were born.

This will also enable you to obtain a State-issued Travel ID and private property plates for your car and other products that you may wish to have as educational aids for others.

So, once again — run, don’t walk —

The new One Page Declaration and simple instructions should be available soon from your State Coordinators. This is especially good news for all the friends and family members who watched you slog through the 928 Process!

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