Earth to Trump and Military

By Anna von Reitz <> #3472

Trump can’t be the 19th President of the Federal Republic, because the Federal Republic has never been Reconstructed by the States.  Period. 

Reconstruction of the American Federal Republic is something that the State Assemblies in this country are working toward, but we still have a lot of educating and hard work to do to get that done. 

Meantime, the only valid international level government left intact for him or anyone else to be President of, is our good old Federation of States, the unincorporated United States of America.  
If he doesn’t understand that yet, he definitely needs to understand it now.  
The only people in this country with the standing to offer him a job in that capacity, did so nearly two and a half years ago.  
Crickets to the offer. 
So, it’s his lack of comprehension and lack of schmartz on the part of his military advisors that is keeping this from moving forward in a calm, orderly, lawful, and legally acceptable pathway. 
Any attempt by the U.S. Military to occupy the American Federal Republic without our explicit written permission and agreement is an illegal and undeclared Act of War by Britain and the Lord Mayor of London against America. 
It will be recognized as such by our Treaty Partners and the International Courts. 
So, as I have been saying for over two years, Mr. Trump needs to get his act in order and come talk to the American People who are acting in their proper standing and who have convened their lawful State Assemblies. 
Nobody else on Earth can give him the assistance he needs to do what he wants to do. 
So tell him to beat feet up to Alaska and sit down and get the information he needs. 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America 
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