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“Bring my people home.” By :Robert-Dean: House

I woke up this morning from a dream that promoted this post at 3:26 AM

A man was wandering lost and in fear in the days when there once were many people and now so few. He knew he was being watched in all that he did and that those few who watched wished him dead. He soon came upon a viper that had struck him and he thought for sure he would die. There was no one to help him and those who were watching now turned from their surveillance for they knew he would surely die. As he laid in torment staring into the light a voice came to him and said, “Rise and you shall stand, walk and you shall lead and go forward without fear and Bring My People Home.”

I was struck by the vipers several years ago who unlawfully cut my land in half and sold the south half. I was given warning and watched for criminal activity so I could be removed from society. I searched for help but there was no one who could for they were all in fear of the vipers. I then saw the light and heard a voice that said, “If you want something done, and done right, you must do it yourself.”  I researched and confirmed the research and did more research to conclude that I, by myself, had to make a decision of who’s side I was to be on. When I gave this some though it all came down to just two sides to pick from. The side of my creator and true God of truth, peace and love or that of Satan and his vipers under deceit, fear and consent. But how was this to be done?

I am of the flesh and blood of man and God and Satan are not. I then had a thought that said, “Seek and you will find, do not and forever be blind.” This led to more research which led me to wondering who and what I was and the realization that I have never made a claim to claim who I am or what I am and that in fact all my life I was given privileges from others who depended on deceit and my consent. I then concluded that I needed to make a pact, in writing, to the side I wanted to be on and to make it very clear as to who and what I am and not who and what another assumed or presumed that I am. But how much time would this take?

As I pondered over the thought of a claim another thought entered my mind, “Find the time, make the time or do the time.” I decided on a Live Life Claim in the form of affidavit under common law of self governance. By making this claim I intended to notify the living people of this world that I am not an entity other than that for which I have claimed and that is in fact a son of my creator, God. And to prove this, I used the very seal that God gave me to put upon my claim, my right thump print in true blood or (red ink, the symbol of), along with that of three witness. As it is known that no ones hand or finger prints are identical to any other.

It is with great belief that by doing a Live Life Claim I am truly going home just as sure as Dorthy was when she clicked her heals three time. It was always there in front of us but no one ever took notice for it was too simple.

So, I awakened this morning to post this plea of bringing God’s People Home. All I ask is that you take a look at the free Template and instructions of a Live Life Claim. This is a very simple and a non confusing document that is not under a copyright claim, meaning anyone can use it or alter it to the better if need be, anything less would be worthless.

Email me, Robert, at for a free copy. After you get this status corrected you are now free to join or create your local county Assembly with like minded people and help change the world to a better one. By doing the claim you will notice the fear flee.

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