Truckers Turn In Their Drivers License

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We The People, California Sheriffs, and New California,

Just a few things about President Biden; when have you ever seen Biden in the Oval Office in 2021 in a wide-angle photo shoot with his staff or others as it has been just close-up shots or those fake news shots with him taking the vaccine shot with blue walls behind him and overhead studio lights for a TV set with several people and empty chairs? They can say it is because of COVID. When have you seen Biden in an outdoor photoshoot by the Oval Office with the press or others where the camera moves around and then gets a wide-angle of the White House and people? And any close-up shots are on a bright sunny day when in fact it was overcast in D.C.! When have you seen Biden getting on to or off of ‘Marine One’ with the White House in the same shot, as the time the video got Trump coming home from the hospital after having COVID, as it has always been Biden near a fake ‘Marine-One’ helicopter and then the camera shot ends?

Trucking is NOT an easy task unless you have the proper skills, like participating in the Olympic Games, getting on America’s Got Talent in the final stages, or becoming President of the United States, well I guess the last one is you are planted there by the chosen ones and even then you need to con the people like being an actor.

Some tidbits from numerous videos and stories on the Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy 2022’ is that they had raised $6,391,910 as of Jan 27 on their GoFundMe account and it continues to grow, yet only $1,000,000 has been released only for fuel costs as the Canadian government believes this is not legitimate funds, or they just claim it is for terrorist activities so charges can be made that way, so a demand on GoFundMe itself has had sanctions placed on them just like Twitter with the ‘FactCheckers.’ If Trudeau seizes those funds then Trudeau just committed theft and money laundering. Trudeau has stated the Truckers and the other people are only a ‘minority’ of the people and that is not what the rest of the people support, along with he has claimed them to be terrorists just like those insurrectionist Americans on Jan 6, 2021, at the D.C. Capital. I guess if you do not support communism or the ‘democratic’ dictator then you are of the opposition party and an insurrectionist or terrorist. By the way, Trudeau has gone into hiding for the last few days and has been placed into safety for his protection. Others are that there are over 50,000 up to 150,000 that have arrived in Ottawa including US Truckers that are joining in the effort as they too are affected with crossing the border, and that there has been a Guinness World Record broken with possibly 70 kilometers on one Convey stretch, that is 43.5 miles. You think that is too many, but a good day for a Trucker is over 600 miles, and a real good week is over 3,000 miles. Yet at times for the Convoy, they have been denied to stop at a truck-stops to eat, get fuel or use a restroom, but you can see that at the busy areas they have slowed down to about 10 MPH. Even one video when a freight train was going alongside the road you could hear the conductor blowing the horn; Freedom Convoy 2022 Sights and Sounds, 51 & 54 seconds in and more, with some hauls have 100 rail cars as more than a mile long. They also had reports of minus 30 degrees during the day and you think plus 50 degrees is too cold.

Freedom Truck Convoy 2022 Arrives In Ottawa Amazing!!
478,881 views Jan 29, 2022  5:31 minutes

GoFundMe, Freedom Convoy 2022
 As of Jan 30 ‘$9,171,830 CAD raised of $10,000,000 goal.’

The World is in on this:
Truckers Unite Across The Planet In Massive Convoys! 50,000 Strong Descend Apon Ottawa, Canada
40,401 views Jan 29, 2022  3:17 minutes

Canada: Massive crowd at Parliament viewed by drone at freedom convoy main event 1-29-2022
631,917 views Jan 29, 2022  1:23 minutes

Drone – Parliament Hill Freedom Protest Jan 29, 2022
410,674 views Premiered Jan 29  2:09 minutes

Drone – Convoy to Ottawa 2022 – Wester Convoy blocked – January 30th
38,133 views Premiered Jan 30  2:20 minutes

What did I say? Military must replace the Truckers, driving a truck is not the same as driving a tank:
Military Will Be Called First Week of Feb to Deliver Food to N.E USA (Video) 15:44 minutes
Posted By: SpaceCommando [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 31-Jan-2022 09:00:31

There are also comments about every time a Trucker crosses the Canadian/USA border, even if they have taken the vaccine, that if they are tested positive or negative for COVID that they must quarantine for 14 days regardless, thus their load gets delayed if they cannot transfer it and/or they stay by the border for 14 days going either direction, which in the end the Trucker can only work maybe 26 days a year!!! Thus the Vaccine Passport DOES NOT WORK!!! I would say that when the Trucker gets to the border and does not have a Vaccine Passport then the Trucker should ask the Border Patrol Official to detain them and force the Vaccine on them ‘under duress’ which it would no longer be ‘voluntary,’ which then it comes on the Border Patrol in whole for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ charges as they go by their superiors’ orders. How many Border Patrol Officials have the audacity to claim that a Vaccine Passport is NOT acceptable just like Atheists believe there is no God? If the Trucker is forced to have a COVID shot every time they cross the border then that could be about 26 times or more per year, more than what is required for anyone else as the Vaccine Passport is NOT Valid in the first place as now the Border Patrol goes by Law and NOT a Mandate. A Trucker is required to take a physical every 2 years, and for those under certain medical conditions or with a Haz-Mat endorsement it is every year, which I have had, thus they themselves are under stricter regulations than the general public.

Possible Document; “In Exchange for my Trucker Vaccine Passport I will take the so-called ‘voluntary’ COVID vaccine or booster ‘under duress’ by a medically certified Border Patrol Official or specified person with the proper credentials, with the Border Patrol Officials and their superiors to be held accountable for any adverse reactions of myself for the next year. For this Vaccine Passport it violates the HIPAA Law and thus Unconstitutional as the Vaccine Passport has NOT been passed by Congress. If I am under medical care with taking required prescriptions then taking this COVID vaccine or booster can be considered a threat against my life as the Border Patrol Officials are NOT my registered medical professional. Also, I cannot be quarantined for any length of time based on assumed COVID or any vaccine reactions/symptoms or non-reactions/non-symptoms itself for myself at that time, thus to continue with my duties as a Truck Driver. This Document is valid proof in taking the ‘voluntary’ COVID vaccine or booster ‘under duress’ up to 180 days and not subject to taking the ‘voluntary’ COVID vaccine or booster every time I cross the Canada/USA border. This Document must be signed, dated and stamped by the highest Border Patrol Official present, along with the specified batch number of the vaccine noted on it, yet it will be held by the Truck Driver whose name is specified on this document. This Truck Driver cannot be held Liable for any other person that may be effected until the pharmaceutical company that made this COVID vaccine or booster also claims liability by them refusing to show any documentation of the risks involved. This Document does not make in any way that this is ‘voluntary’ as it is really forced ‘under duress’ so Life Insurance settlement payments still must be paid out in case of death. This is where the Nuremberg Code applies if anything wrong happens. Refusal of any Border Patrol Official to sign this Document is an acceptance that the Trucker Vaccine Passport is NOT LAWFUL, yet it must be stamped for verification of this Notice was provided. If not signed then I can go forth with my duties as a Truck Driver without any repercussions.” [This is not official, but get the best people to work on it as a backup to put in peoples’ faces, and maybe if the government and businesses refuse to accept it then we know where they stand. Yet if you want to make this out for a few people and then use it maybe it will work as it is your own ‘Freedom of the Press.’]

When has anyone been verified they caught COVID from using a public or private toilet, yet no Vaccine Passports are required for that usage? Quarantine for 14 days after that usage when you need it daily? “STOP, We need to see your Vaccine Passport before going into the restroom.” “ALL public bus drivers are now under 14-day quarantine for using a public restroom.” Too bad for NYC and the other big cities. Coming, a Vaccine Passport card to slip into the toilet for usage. A Chinese Credit Score requirement?

In France, the insurance companies are declaring that deaths due to COVID are ‘voluntary’ for taking the vaccine thus a ‘suicide’ and no payouts allowed, but a ‘Mandate’ to take a vaccine is NOT a ‘voluntary’ choice, take it or go to prison, so a catch-22. Insurance Fraud lawsuits will be coming. Here in America is take the jab or lose your job, a death threat if you cannot feed yourself, 100 million then would be homeless? A trucking company can lose thousands of Truckers if they mandate to take the vaccine and thus they lose business. Did you know that in 2020 the corona virus spread around the world in every direction faster than the speed of the movement of the International Space Station, 17,140 MPH, as it came to every country within minutes without humans actually spreading it, and now it stops at certain times and distances according to the whims of those that believe it can spread thru the air only at certain times and lengths? A cop comes into a eating place and pulls their gun on someone who just pulled their mask down to take a bite while there are dozens of others that did the same thing? Can you believe that someone that is un-vaccinated in San Diego spread COVID to someone in Ottawa that has been vaccinated, over 4,500 miles away, and never met, as now the Canadian has tested positive for COVID? You have to blame someone but not the government.

Here is where a major truck accident happened where Trooper Stickney blames the Truckers for the accidents and they should not be on the highways, but if anyone wants their products and services then they blame the Truckers for not getting it there on time, Catch-22. We the Truckers risk our lives to keep our ‘voluntary’ jobs while others just sit in a warm room at their desk. Other videos are too horrific to watch:
ISP says semitrucks pulling off during snow storms could’ve prevented major crash
479,177 views Feb 5, 2021  2:04 minutes

When the Truckers leave Ottawa, Ontario, Canada then they may be stopped by law enforcement to have their log books checked to see if they complied with the proper hours on and off duty, and with the Convoy they may have violated those limited hours. Yes, we do need to keep records of our hours. I think it is the same for Canada, but here in the USA a Trucker can only drive for 11 hours in a 14 hour period, and then have 10 hours off with at least 8 hours in the sleeper. So if the Truckers kept driving in the Convoy more than the 11 hours then they can receive a ticket, their license is suspended or even something worse may come about. Jobs can be opening up if you want one, but the regulations would still apply to you as for those Truckers that left their job. Maybe the government will need to lower the age to 16 years as there is a shortage of Truckers. The largest truck stop in the US is the Iowa 80 Truckstop with 900 truck parking spaces, and I have been there several times.

Some people with just their Class C license have claimed their sovereignty and removed their Drivers License as ID as that is a contract to ‘drive’ by a person and not just ‘travel’ by We The People in the states, so with the Class A license that is for commercial use which there is a contract between the person and the states to ‘drive’ that vehicle. Yet if it were that the ‘Truckers Turn In Their Drivers License’ then that would be a bigger blow to the supply chain and make a statement to the government and We The People rather than just have a protest at the capital. “Yes, I will accept free room and board sitting in a prison that costs We The People in taxes about $45,000 for each of us, and you will in the end not receive your necessities to survive.” “Let’s fill up those jail cells with the Truckers for their ‘insubordinance’.” I worked for a big trucking company which it was reported there were 27,000 Truckers in that company alone, and they have grown since. Will it be the National Guard or the US Military comes in to replace the Truckers? Oh, they need the 3 weeks classroom training along with over the road training for the amount of Truckers required. This is as bad as the cops stopping someone and asking for their ID, even in a ‘No ID Check’ state, as the cop then arrests the person for just disobeying an order, which then comes out to be a false arrest per the judge as no crime was committed. Running up a hill with your backpack and your rifle is not the same as driving with a 10 speed at 65 PMH, up to 80,000 lbs and a 53 foot trailer that needs to make wide turns while watching all traffic and pedestrians. Can anyone of you ‘parallel park’ a tracker-trailer that is 75′ long with only about 90′ of allowable space safely and properly within 2 minutes? Maybe you did not see the people near me that gave me an applause after doing so, and that is with my last employer while only on the job for about 2 weeks, and some time later I had to back up to a dock on the blind side where the left side of the trailer was touching the 4 foot high dock.

It is primarily that the independent Truckers, the Owner Operators, are the ones in the Convoy as the companies do not want to lose any business with the fines or loss of contracts that could come about. And for me I had loads where I had to drop the trailers off at terminals near the Canadian and Mexican borders for those Truckers with passports could come and pick them up, as that was their normal job with the day-cabs to cross the border. However, there are the US Border Patrol Checkpoints that I had to go through, just in the states where I was not crossing the border, where they asked if I was a US Citizen along with other questions as well as if I had a co-driver and his status, but I was not required to have a passport as I was not actually crossing the border. Has it changed over the last year for the vaccine passport?

If something is not done soon to correct to a Republic then it should be where maybe more than the 2 million Truckers driving heavy trucks and tractor-trailers would just hand in their Class A Drivers License for two weeks to a month and see where it goes from there, yet I think just the talk of this can wake people up, and along with that goes UPS, FEDEX, USPS and fuel trucks so you will not get your utility bills or your nice big screen TVs if they were mailed/shipped. That is $45,000 prison cost x 2,000,000 Truckers = $90 billion along with those Truckers not paying anymore taxes. “Sorry, fuel cannot be done ‘Online’ so I guess everything needs to be electric when electric trucks will not be in California for another 3-5 years.” Can you see it now what I am explaining of what can happen if everything went electric on motor vehicles? In the future there will be a limit of 20 charging stations in each city and no more than 50 miles from a city with a 50,000 population or more. Controls on We The People.

Truck Drivers in the US: Employment and Haul Statistics

The Time is Yet to Come Saith the Lord God Almighty!


Establishing the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission [Enacting NESARA and the Republic on Nov 2, 2020]

Organic Act of 1871  [Feb 21, 1871]


The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission

Declaration for the California Republic, 2020

House Joint Resolution 192 of JUNE 5, 1933

Without Prejudice

Dan Mahnke

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