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Start with your County first.  By :Robert-Dean: House
Tom Deweese joins Brannon Howse on Mike Lindell’s new “FrankSpeech” network – American Policy Center
24 minutes long and people do not want to make the time or find the time.  I guess they do not mind doing time as long as they are being housed and fed like the sheep they are. 
Do a Live Life Claim and start getting others to do the same and go after these people that are being selected to do us harm via the elites’ dominion computer system.  Go back to the paper ballot.  If you do not comprehend why then watch this short video below.
The True Story of The Battle of Athens (1946) | #libertyNEVERsleeps – YouTube     
About 13 minutes.
Now get off your assess and take action.  Stop petitioning and start Assembling lawfully as a non-citizen people who now have rights vs. corporate privileges. 
For a free Live Life Claim Template and instruction email Robert at,  And let’s take our counties back. 

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