The USA Freedom Convoy is coming

From: Truckers for Freedom <>

I’m writing today with exciting news. Just like our neighbors to the North in Canada, America’s truckers are fed up with the unscientific and unconstitutional government overreach we’ve endured over the past two years, and we’re taking action.

That’s right, a Freedom Convoy driving from California to Washington, D.C. is beginning on March 2nd!

We’ve had enough. Vaccine mandates, mask mandates, lockdowns, and restrictions have all failed to stop the spread of the virus. As we all know, it stopped being about the virus a long time ago, it’s just about control and power.

When Justin Trudeau announced he was using terrorism laws to freeze the bank accounts of peaceful protestors in Ottawa without due process, HE DIDN’T MENTION COVID ONCE!!!

These same tyrannical, thuggish tactics will come to America if we don’t stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, which is why we’re asking you to join us by making a secure donation on our independent fundraising platform.

Your money will go directly to paying for fuel and food for the brave Truckers in the Freedom Convoy. With gas prices skyrocketing under Joe Biden, fuel for the cross country trip is $5,000 per Big Rig!

$15 = 10 Miles

$30 = 20 Miles

$150 = 100 Miles

$375 = 250 Miles

$750 = 500 Miles

$1,500 = 1,000 Miles

We the Truckers, and We the People, have had enough of the creeping tyranny, and we’re putting our lives on hold and our livelihoods on the line to get our Freedom back.

So, I hope you’ll join us as we embark upon this great journey with a generous gift of any amount.

In Liberty,

Truckers for Freedom

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