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From Bill Messier < k1mnw@yahoo.com >

Paying taxes without knowing the law and your rights makes you nothing more than a slave! Silence gives consent, is the rule of business life. Don’t allow fear and intimidation, IRS extortion threats and deceit stop you from obtaining the truth!

Those�� who have no ���trade or business earnings��� under ���26 U.S.C. 6041 per above��� cannot lawfully have an ���Information Return��� filed against them. ���1099���

The word ���United States��� means only Washington D.C. and federal territories.

Corporate and State��� laws ���don’t apply��� to a sovereign Man or Woman.

GOD bought us for a price and therefore OWNS us.

���My people perish for lack of knowledge:

Giving up is how the IRS wins because they know that most people don’t know how to fight them!���

All Rights Reserved.

Without prejudice UCC 1-308

Bill Messier 

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