A Waste of Time

From Robert < trefarmerh@centurylink.net >

Bill Messier and alike people just don’t get it.  By Robert-Dean: House    As posted on, American Patriot Email Report.

First and foremost, men and women were put into slavery, after being born, by their unknowing parents when they signed the baby over on a Birth Certificate to the State Corporations via the Corporate chain.

Each and every one of us, man and woman, must each by their selves, change that by doing a Live Life Claim, via a form of an affidavit under common law, as to who and what we are and are not and putting that claim into the public record for all to see and heed.

Citizens are bonded to the codes, statutes, orders, mandates, etc. of their masters and are granted privileges by those same masters.

Free men and women have rights, human rights under God and his common laws / natural laws based on his Commandments. 

i, man:Robert-dean: House, first identified myself via a Live Life Claim as a non-citizen people and made claim to my name as i now write it here.  Then in other forms of affidavits, i made claim to my properties, land, cars, etc.  I served this on the corporate heads of the county, state, and federal corporate entities known as, (governments), who are not elected by the people as we believe but are selected by their rulers of the One World Government Service Corporation via THEIR computer systems.

Free men and women are not required to contract via a third party in order to contract with another man or woman.  When one registers a car, he/she is going to the corporation of the third party and asking them to allow him/her the privilege to travel vs the right to travel, thus agreeing (consenting) to their corporate rules, codes, etc.  Get it?  

I have since claimed my cars via a form of affidavit and if anyone would like a copy of how they may do the same thing then email me at, trefarmerh@centurylink.net for a free copy of this public record.  In this claim, you will also find out how to do your own claim of copyright and patent of your own tag so you are not stopped by the Corporations LEOs.  I also have free instructions and a template of a Live Life Claim.  When men and women take control of their own lives via the common law of self-governance, all will change for the better but doing as others do will get you nowhere but what you are given under the privileges of others.  Don’t waste time protesting because as long as you claim to be their citizens they have the power to control your moves and they have the right you gave them, to discipline you of their powers.  

If none of the above makes sense to you then you may as well end it all now in whatever cowardly way you can.  I have never been falsely arrested for what i have claimed and i am going after 20 plus actors of the corporations for many crimes via a form of affidavit for trespasses.  I can show any man or woman how to do so but only after you prove to me who you are via a form of affidavit of a Live Life Claim with a God-given seal, your right red thump print.  Get it yet? 

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