NESARA In Effect.. And Rolling

From Robert <>

Supersoldier James Rink narrates the past history of the theft of monies from the worlds peoples and the real deaths of 30,700 people in NYC Buildings on 9/11 to prevent the announcement of NESARA which is the National Economic Security and Reformation Act which is now in force with the object of returning massive amounts of stolen money to the peoples of the world.George H.W. 

Bush and CIA, Mossad, and corrupted officials were all executed at military tribunals for their murder of all of these innocent people, along with Hollywood and other human blood drinkers who believe that Elites should in any way possible continue their practices of world takeover and the worship of Lucifer.

Here are a few key parts:…min 40:00 Global Collateral Accounts worth 20 million tons of gold….1:30:00 CAFR Accounts are frauds containing 118,000 trusts and hiding $110 Trillion in wealth which goes down to the county level. 1:52:00 BIRTH CERTIFICATE individual accounts worth hundreds of millions…1:54:00 Social Security explained…Congress,Senior Military,and Presidents Bribed to hide existence of NESARA.. 2:32:00…Phony Iraq war killed 1.6 million Iraqis.American troops were either cloned or dumped in the ocean to hide the death toll.

There are other segments that explain mysterious deaths via plane crashes, clonings, and disappearances in this 3 hour disclosure.

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