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I’ve been watching David Straight, Which I have for a few years, and find
him very credible in his presentations.

David straight is a true patriot and everyone who is interested in
re-organizing America needs to have him on your education list.

Dave’s work seems to be more than 90 % correct and as far as I know, none of us can
do any better than that. We just have to stay in the fight for our
freedoms by supporting what our founders did with the blessings of God
Yahovah and his son Yashuah who gave his blood upon our creator God’s
covenant to His creation.

We the People have natural inherent and unalienable rights granted by
God Yahovah in his creation of us all. God gave us free will to live by
our own destiny as he granted us dominion over all the Earth and
must resist any attempts of Satan and the 1/3 of the angels that were
cast out with him to usurp that of which God Yahovah granted us.

We must assemble and stand up to take our dominion back and this truly
starts on the local and county level and band together with our
neighbors to re-establish this free and independent state of Maine as
Mainers with all the blessings of
God Yahovah and his Son Yashua  who was granted the true power and
authority over the Earth.

Let’s get busy taking our Planet back.

Also as a reminder people, you need to view some or all of the videos of
the International Grand Jury that I sent the link out to you. That is
some very important work is being done on this planet today. We assemble
here in our locality with our family, friends and all others, we meet to
inform those of the truths and facts of the crimes done on this planet,
along with our rights to stand up, Assemble and prosecute crimes against

Constitutional Expert David Lester Straight Arizona Seminar Part 1&2.
Sovereignty Law vs Admiralty Law, Straw Man, Child Trafficking Stings.
Insider Intel from President Trump
Friday, March 25, 2022, 0:41

This is a long video, but excellent training information.

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