Fwd: We The People are Collective Sovereign People

More Attorney hogwash.  By :Robert-dean: House <trefarmerh@centurylink.net>

This is what i have been trying to get across to the people.  Once again i say, they, the powers that be, are afraid of people becoming a true man/woman – sovereign – by making a claim of such.  This is why they are now trying to alter people’s DNA under patent/copyright laws, to own you.

They are stopped dead in their attempts when one uses God’s given Seal, a red right thumbprint, on a Live Life Claim.  For a free template and instructions please email me at, trefarmerh@centurylink.net. 


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Subject: We The People are Collective Sovereign People

We The People, California Sheriffs, and New California,

We The People are Collective Sovereign People

For those that claim that Each and Every person, individual or people needs to file documents with the US CORP and USPS to become officially Sovereign and/or an American State National by claiming their political status correctly, Peymon Mottahedeh brings up what is what and backed up by legislative law and court cases that We The People are Sovereign People as a ‘whole’ and NOT on an individual basis, so we do not have to go thru all this rigamarole to get it accomplished, however we need to make it Public Notice of this or else the corrupt US CORP officials will make us as Slaves forever. We The People just need an official document from Trump to show that the US CORP is dead and not wait on some rumor to show all these US CORP codes are now Null and Void.

Are you, as a sovereign, state citizen or US National, a Non-Resident Alien who must pay income tax?
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