Brief Summary Alert / Please Take Note:

by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

From: #3633 Your President or My President?

1. The courts which have operated in fraud for 160 years must vacate space for the
American courts and return to their strictly limited jurisdiction without delay.

2. The members of the Bar must be prosecuted for inland piracy, racketeering, conspiracy against the Constitution, evasion of the Public Law, unlawful conversion, impersonation, barratry, kidnapping, genocide, felony theft, treason, malfeasance, extortion, illegal securitization schemes, fraud with intent to overthrow, insurrection, pillaging, plundering, illegal confiscation, and crimes against humanity including murder, misrepresentation, identity theft, peonage, enslavement, terrorism, bioterrorism, and human trafficking — and must be deported back to England as subjects of the British Crown recognized as international criminals under indictment.

3. Illegally confiscated property belonging to Americans must be returned or
compensated for at a rate of no less than three (3) times the market value of the
property purloined. And the Provost Marshal’s Office is responsible for seeing to it
that these matters are swiftly addressed and resolved in favor of the American
civilian populace.

4. All Territorial State of State Governors and Attorney Generals are on Notice and
have received Due Process advising them that Americans have been the victims
of a most ingenious crime.

5. No PERSONS operating under the names of Americans can be presumed to exist.

6. The Proper Names of American State Nationals cannot be used for public purposes of private courts.

7. All attendant presumptions of waiver of American birthright estates,
incompetence, incapacity, dependence, citizenship obligations, derelict status,
subjection to foreign law, voluntarily acting as a Commercial Transactor, and
similar noxious and merely adopted Legal Presumptions
are rendered Null and
Void for Fraud and Deliberate Self-Interested Deception.

8. Under the Roman Civil Law, fraud once discovered vitiates everything resulting
from it. Under both Maritime and Admiralty Law, the possession of assets by
pirates does not change the ownership of the assets. The assets must be returned
to the lawful owners or any transfer of possession from pirate to pirate fails to
change the edict of the law. The assets still belong to the Lawful Owners — in this
case, the States of the Union.

by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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