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 Are you ready? 

 The world premiere of ‘Propaganda EXPOSED! (Episode 1) happens in just a few hours!

 Episode 1 is entitled “QUESTION EVERYTHING! A Primer on Pervasive Propaganda…From the Founding Fathers to Flexner to Fauci” and it’s going to blow your mind! This is the foundation of the entire 8 episodes, so you do NOT want to miss it! 

 Here is your private link to watch:


 Just a few things you can expect from tonight’s show:
  • We’ll take a “bird’s eye view” of the past century of suppression and censorship to lay the groundwork for the next 7 episodes of the documentary
  • Hear from the “founding fathers” as they discussed medical freedom
  • Discover how the 2012 NDAA (signed by Obama) officially legalized “propaganda”
  • Get the facts about multiple FDA raids on doctors who were using “unapproved” supplements
  • Learn the shocking truth about the sordid history of medical experimentation in the USA
  • Discover how Congress appropriated $1 billion U.S. tax dollars for the Secretary of Health and Human Services to spend on activities to “strengthen vaccine confidence in the United States” 
  • Discover how many current world leaders seem to be using the “Nazi Playbook”
  • See firsthand how most “anchors” on the TV news are nothing more than teleprompter readers
  • Watch Fauci “flip flop” on masks, vaccines, and other “mandates”
  • Discover ways to detoxify from the covid-19 vaxx and mitigate long-term damage
  • Learn how an answer to cancer was known in 1946 but was buried for political reasons
  • And so much more …

Be sure to tune in tonight at 9pm Eastern US when we go “LIVE.”

 Again, here’s your private page to watch tonight. 


 We’ll see you there!

 To Your Health & Liberty,

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