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What they are not telling you.  by :Robert-dean: House

All about election fraud.  But who’s election?  The election of the incorporated United States.  See USC Title 28 ss 3002 paragraph 15.  If this was Sam’s club would people care?  No.  And if Sam’s club wanted to change their way of voting can they without being accused of fraud?  Yes.  So what makes this unlawful?  What harm has been done to what man or woman?  Give that some thought.  All this effort to get people up in arms over a CORPORATION in business for a profit, a profit from its CITIZENS who have registered within the United States CORPORATION.  

Not one word about the proper election process that was incorporated into the original Constitution of paper ballots and ballot boxes.  Look back in time, 1946 Athens Tennessee about the ballot boxes.  This is why computers are not to be used.  And what about the Dominion computers?  Not one word.  As if they are not at fault.

Is it no wonder why a service corporation would hire people to help it to survive?  Is it the intent of the corporation to create more codes and statutes to regulate its CITIZENS in such situations?  This video is nothing but a big look over here and not about the fact that this Nation has not had a Government by the people and for the people since 1861.  And since the birth certificate scam, we have not had any people to elect a proper Government until each and every man and woman makes the claim of who and what they are under their God-given Seal, fingerprints.  Become a real live man or woman by doing a Live Life Claim and putting it into the public record and then join a local Assembly and select a county Grand Jury and recreate a Government for and by the people. 

For a free Template of a Live Life Claim with Instructions, please email me and i will send them to you free.  trefatmerh@centurylink.net 

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