Traveling without a license

From Robert <>

Checkmate: by Robert-dean: House

I did as this guy had done in the video but i, being an X-Deputy Sheriff on Florida, put a tag that i made up and patented and copyrighted via a form of affidavit and then served the State and local corporate governments with a copy.  Note: I did not use a patent corporation or a copyright corporation, i claimed it on the affidavit.  The reason for the tag is so officers can look it up and it will inform them that the auto is private property.  I claimed the vin number in the affidavit under tag number RDH-1-1848.  I have 3 autos and one trailer so i used, RDH-2-1848, 3 and 4.  In this way, they do not stop.  But if one did, i would simply say i am not answering any questions.  They can do as they will and if they write any ticket’s i can then cancel the contract (s) with a form of an affidavit.  I have done this to 4 tickets as i left the state tag on but i did make a claim to it as i did in fact buy it from the State of Florida corporation under a lawful contract.  For the longest time, they would not pull me over until they found out that i had forgotten to claim the decal in the upper right corner which is the registration sticker.  I had to do this and wanted to get tickets so i could prove to people that tickets are forms of contracts and one can cancel them within the 30 days they require you to respond.  Most people pay them or get a court date and then lose and pay a court fee along with the tickets.  A Judge, being the smart asses they are, had only one thing to do and that was to suspend my D.L. for which i do not use.  I still possess it and will not show it to an officer for they are instructed to take back the state property for which it is.   I use it for other things.  I have also made up my own true I.D. that contains my hand-printed autograph, thumb print as God’s given seal, and in blood, (red ink), to claim the DNA. I also have instructions for the above and templates for all those who wish to do the same.  One needs to only ask and i will email them for free.  

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