What is really going on?

From Robert <trefarmerh@centurylink.net>

Look here and not behind the curtain.  By :Robert-Dean: House

The shooting in Texas, which i do not believe it to be anything more than a planed training exercise but they forgot to tell the LEO’s that it was real.  Or it was not real at all, like so many others.  Now the people can blame the LEO’s for not taking action when action was required.  And the solution is Gun control or infighting between the people and their paid protectors.  But didn’t the LEO’s control their guns?  Create a conflict and get everyone to look the other way.  Other way?  From What? 

For one thing, the Devose meeting that was to take place but no one showed because they are all in jail or dead.  But the MSM does show past meetings, pawning them off as being current.  Now the Queen is going to make a showing and again old photos and film clips they fool us with.  Oh!  And don’t bother about the mistake of the jab that millions of people are dying from.  These, and so many more, are just distraction from what they really don’t want people doing. 

The plan of the elite is to chip people and put them under one world government / corporation controlled by a very few.  The people were under their control for more than 150 years and more so after the Birth Certificate scam, but people have been waking up to that.  So, because of that awakening, the elite now want to further their control by chipping or tracking by inoculation and by putting claim to the peoples DNA via the patented shot.

THIS IS WHAT THEY DO NOT WANT THE PEOPLE TO DO.   And that is picking sides with God the creator vs. Satan the destroyer.  What scares the elite the most?  A man or woman making a Live Life Claim of who and what they are via a form of affidavit, something they have never had to do in their life because the Birth Certificate did it for them by claiming the man or woman as a citizen, deceit and consent.  Please people, look up the word Citizen.  When a Live Life Claim is completed, it has on it several important identifiers that no one can dispute.  1.  The handprint, unique to only the man or woman.  2.  A claim of being a man or woman and not a citizen, person, corporation, dead, etc. which are some of Satan’s claims. 3.  The right thumb print.  Prints are unique to only the one man or woman, no two people have the same.  4.  Red blood of the print to claim the DNA, we use red ink to symbolize that, if preferred.  5.  Finally, the proper way to make a claim to your given name when you were born, (NOT BIRTHED), Such as Johnque Public.  At first breath this baby was given the first name of John and Que as a second name by his agreeing parent(s).  He accumulates the sure name as Public which was passed on for many years since it was created for that purpose.  It is property written as John-que: Public according to proper writing we are not taught in schools.  See Chicago Manual of Styles page 665. For a better explanation of this see my instructions for a Live Life Claim and ask for the free template at trefarmerh@centurylink.net.  6.  The thump print is God’s highest claim of his people, THE SEAL.  Putting your mark, an x, or signature is of Satan.  The above is all fact.  Don’t believe me, then research it with a good search engine and not the ones the elite have taken over such as google, etc. 

A man, once an atheist did this, you can too.  Take the time, make the time or do the time”.  Doing time as a CITIZEN of course.  As a non-citizen, one can never be harmed from codes, statutes, commands, mandates, recommendations, etc. as a non-citizen.  

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