911 Calls Are an Infringement on the 2nd Amendment

From: Dan Mahnke <danlboon@juno.com>

911 Calls Are an Infringement on the 2nd Amendment

First, you need to know the exact words of the 2nd Amendment:
Amendment II
“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

The ‘militia’ is We The People to halt any unjust government or authority like the police, Sheriff’s deputies, National Guard, Border Patrol, US Marshals, foreign entities, and even an unjust US Military. ‘The right of the people’ is not a ‘privilege’ as some say, and ‘well regulated’ does not mean any government official or agency can determine if it is so, as it is the choice of We The People if it is true.

Having a ‘permit’ to own a firearm is an infringement on the 2nd Amendment, as now any government official can make an ‘opinion’ on whether a person/people can have a firearm, and some people have called out the so-called law enforcement on this with “the 2nd Amendment is my permit” which some have stepped back and accepted it as truth, and no judge can refute that in any way or else they themselves can treat the US Constitution as just a piece of paper. You never say to a judge; “I understand’ or else you then ‘stand under’ the judge with them as the authority. We The People are the authority.

Now the recent Uvalde shooting and lack of immediate actions by the police and other agencies show that 911 calls do not help one bit as the shooter was shooting outside the school for about 12 minutes before the police arrived and then he went inside, which several people reported, as one side door was blocked ‘open’ to let him in, and he knew exactly which door to enter, to shoot up the place while the children were calling from inside, and the parents were coming after the police for them to not just stand around as if they were in negotiations with the shooter, which of course they were none. This was nice for this instance to have the children to have cell phones inside of the school. One mother that was handcuffed for interfering with the police was later unhandcuffed by another officer and then snuck into the school to rescue two of her children and they ended being safe.

In Charleston, WV within just 24 hours of the Uvalde shooting there was another shooting which a West Virginia mother used her pistol took out an active shooter with an AR-15 at a graduation celebration and stopped it before it could go further, but MSM does not want to report on that as it shows that the 2nd Amendment works.

There have been many other shootings and other instances where the 911 calls were made and there was a delay in the police arriving for which there were dire consequences of the situation, or some brave citizen actually took action upon themselves to halt the situation with their own firearm, including saving the life of an officer. Next time with ‘gun control’ those good samaritans cannot be held liable for failing to assist with the officers as the law would then say they cannot use a firearm.

If there is ‘gun control’ will the criminals give in their firearms when even then they do NOT officially own them per the government? Criminals do NOT obey laws if any at all. If We The Law Abiding People will be turning in their firearms in compliance to that, the way I see it there will be many government officials be put behind bars for Violating the US Constitution as the ‘militia’ will rise up at that time. And trying to collect 395 million firearms in the USA will be almost impossible. Or on the first day of implementing the law bank accounts of all the firearm owners will be seized which will include many types of people including government employees, security personnel, military personnel, and maybe even some mix-up for Trump’s Secret Service Agents. Maybe I have given the idea for the corrupt government officials to take down Trump as you take down his own personnel first, and it is not just using firearms on Trump. Closing down bank accounts of truckers in Canada was much easier as they all had Class A Trucker’s Licenses which were easy to track. I have no control of this with the bank accounts, but surely someone in government does and it better be stopped beforehand.

There have been reports of major investigations going on with the Uvalde case to the negligence of all officers and their superiors, and since this has become widespread, basically for the ‘gun control’ in America, there are heads that are going to roll in the courtrooms, primarily with those parents that lost their children coming after the officers in a lawful manner. Since there are videos and reports coming out from everywhere the government cannot cover their mistakes on this one. Did the school videos also just disappear from that day?

Have you seen or heard about all those false SWAT Team raids for which they came in shooting at times and even killed some of the residents when no one inside had a firearm, but it was based on wrong information? Those times the police didn’t mind rushing in to take action. In the end, all the police and government officials claimed ‘Qualified Immunity’, and if there was a lawsuit that was settled in favor of the defendant the taxpayers paid the bill, not the government employees.

There is more and more talk that Trump is coming in with the Republic in place real soon and things are to be drastically changed for which I see that maybe 50% of the so-called law enforcement are going down the tubes for all their corruption, as not only is their agency a ‘For Profit Corporation,’ but the DoJ is the biggest ‘For Profit Corporation’ making millions if not billions per day if I heard right, and this includes them being involved in human and child trafficking. One person found out that every child that goes thru CPS is worth $3.3 million, which is taken out of the parent’s and child’s Cestui Que Vie Trust, TDA, which was set up for us all at birth. If any CPS worker received any bonus for seizing children then they have committed Treason as they work for the government. The BAR is accepting this and will not help you as they took an Oath to the Crown, British Accreditation Registry. The BAR runs the world and they don’t want you Sovereign.

Since the US CORP has been officially shut down as of May 17, 2022, with no other options to go to, the Biden Administration has changed the name to the ‘WHITE HOUSE OFFICE, INC.’ or something like that to keep it going, check Dun & Bradstreet, but if we tried something like this we would be thrown in jail so fast, but with the Durham/Sussmann case coming to a close there has been much info put out that many will not survive as the info will be coming out sooner and faster with the US Military taking much of them down under Martial Law. Since the federal government has a new corporation all previous contracts with our strawman corporation are now null and void, as a bankrupt corporation cannot become solvent just by changing its name, as even you did not sign a contract at birth for you to even accept being a corporation in all CAPITAL LETTERS.

When is Trump going to make it public that the US CORP is shut down and we have the Constitutional Republic back in place with Common Law and not Admiralty Law? Are we to continue with paying our Income Tax to the IRS which is shut down already? Maybe the word needs to get around that you refill out your W-4 form and claim EXEMPT to have no taxes withheld, but some employers don’t like that as they can use the money themselves till it is time for them to pay up. I was fired from one job for doing so within the 90-day limit of terminating employees and others would not even allow me to be hired.

The Time is Yet to Come Saith the Lord God Almighty!


Establishing the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission [Enacting NESARA and the Republic on Nov 2, 2020]

Organic Act of 1871  [Feb 21, 1871]


The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission

Declaration for the California Republic, 2020

House Joint Resolution 192 of JUNE 5, 1933

Without Prejudice

Dan Mahnke

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