As it is in the lawful world – by :Robert-dean: House

This form is a proper form out of the legal world with no State corporate notary.  Under common law the real live life men and women use real men and women to witness another’s autograph and seal not the body of the form of affidavit written claim of the man or woman.  No one can claim a name, this is why a thumb print seal is used with a name.  Without the seal the name has no meaning.  It is what is being claimed as belonging to the real live man or woman going by a certain name.  If this does not make any sense you are still dealing in the legal system and cannot escape it. One can not make a claim to something belonging to or created by another such as the all CAPS name.  One can only make claim to his or her prints supported by the name you wish others to address you by, on lawful documents.  If someone calls you by any name and you answer to it is a choice.  Correction can only be accomplished after the contact.  If it becomes necessary to place a claim on all the different ways a name is written then why leave out all the different languages, German French, Latin, etc.  Now the claim gets so long and to what end?  My Gunny in the Marines once said, “Keep it simple stupid”,  or KISS.  A claim of who and what you are need not be more than one page.  I did my three times before i got it right.  All three are in the public record and the latest one to date supersedes the other. 


                        One dollar stamp





Godly Origin: Fertilization:________________ Born on:________________

Address: c/o________________________

Home Phone:___________ Work:______________ Cell:_____________

I: man / woman: Depose and say that from my personal knowledge:

Be it known that Notice to Agent is Notice to Principle and Notice to Principle is Notice to Agent.

I: man / woman: make claim to be a non-citizen People of God, not a U.S. Citizen, nor a United States Citizen, et. al., nor subject of any Corporation not contracted with. I was defrauded of status after being born on the above born date. Thus, all agreements and signatures by my hand seeming to agree otherwise are null and void, “ab initio, non pro tunc”.

As of this date and autograph below, ___________ is my trademark autograph,under copyright and patent claim. Conceived by, _____________________ and ________________________ at the __________________________ location.

By my words above and autograph and seal below i now reclaim my status and competency.

Under penalty of perjury, i affirm that this statement is true and correct to the best of my ability.

By: I: man / woman: ______________________

#1. Witness: _______________________________

#2. Witness: _______________________________

#3. Witness: _______________________________

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1. What title of document is this? In Florida, the Clerk of Court has several titles in which to place a document, such as Deed, Lien, Judgment, Affidavit, etc. This being the (Affidavit), (or Form of Affidavit), Statement of… Victim, Witness, Contract, Declaration, Claim, Counter Deed, etc. It is used in Common Law and represents ones right of Self Governance. It is written by one people making a statement of fact based on his/her personal knowledge. The word Affidavit is in brackets, [ ], to represent that it is transparent, not there, as according to David-Winn:Miller’s teachings of proper use of words. (Go to his video definition of, Affidavit). Thus, making it a true Statement. All words should be written slightly above the line for clarity. Updated: We are now using the words, “FORM-OF-AFFIDAVIT”. Meaning: Not of the legal system but a form of.

2. 2,3, and 4 are printed in the writers own hand which also acts as a type of identification of the writer. Name, is self explanatory, the writer. Fertilization is about nine months prier to the born on date be sure to use the words,(on or about) before the date. Born on, is the date of the writers born on date. We are not a ship therefore we do not use birth date.

3. The address is started out with c/o then street number, street name, city, state and zip code. The c/o represents, care of, for they, (the Corporation), assigns you your address which is to your mail box and no one lives in a mail box. The zip code is also the corporations copyright number therefore it should be put into brackets, ex. [33985]. As per above.

4. Self explanatory, you may also add a WORK phone or leave blank.

4. (a). I:man / woman – circle the one that applies and , his or her. We no longer use the word affiant in place use, (I:man 👨: (your printed name)

5. The first sentence before the body should always read, “Be it known that Notice to Agent is Notice to Principle and Notice to Principle is Notice to Agent”. The body can be hand printed but I recommend you type it for clarity, to include the facts of Who did What to who, When, Where, Why, and How. The body is written in chronological order, (the first thing that happened, the second thing, third, etc.). It is written clearly and concise. Note: If one can not write well except for an autograph of their name, it is acceptable for another to write the statement for them with them as they narrate. Note: Ab initio In Laten means, “From the beginning”, and non pro tunc means, “Now for then”.

5. (a). Print clearly your name, Conceived by, your Dad’s full name and Mom’s full maiden name, at the, Hospital name, city, state. Example: “Falls Memorial Hospital, International Falls, Minnesota”.

5. (b). By my words you are claiming you are competent and the small i is correct usage.

6. The last line of the statement should always read, “Under penalty of perjury, i affirm, (never swear as per the Bible), that this statement is true and correct to the best of my ability”. Note: We do not swear to God for what God you swear to may be questioned.

7. The writer is the i:man/woman and he/she places their printed autograph on this line in the presence of a notary and three witnesses. We no longer use Affiant, as of 3-16-22 updated. Use, “i:man/woman: (your printed name).

7. (a). We are no longer using the corporate notary for it is not necessary but you may use the clerks at the UPS offices as witnesses. Most will cooperate for they are a private corporation doing business with a license under the State corporation and may soon stop doing so. But for now I know how hard it is to get people to witness anything. Just another source while it last.

8. The notary will ask for an I.D. if you are not known to them then they will stamp, date and autograph in acknowledgment of your identity. Note: Being a witness needs no I.D. Your thumb print is your I.D.

9. 10 and 11 is where the three witnesses will autograph and place a red ink, right thumb print over the last letter of their name as does, i:man,(the creator of the document claim.)

12. Put a resent photo of yourself at the top over the word, photo and stamp over one dollar stamp words.

THE RECORD PROCESS If the statement is more than one page, do not staple it, ever. Take the documents to the Clerk of Court along with two witnesses. I should note here that the two witnesses are used because in most public buildings, in my county anyway, they will trespass you if you film them. At any rate, a video is hearsay evidence and should only be used to refresh the writers memory. Under testimony of the writer the Affidavit becomes Direct Evidence in a real court. Hand the document(s) to the Clerk’s clerk and inform him/her that you wish to place an Affidavit into the public record, be careful not to use the word (file), and then ask for a Certified Copy. Even though there should not be a fee for this service, there often is. If so, do not pay it with a promissory note use a lawful tender such as coin. I use a bank roll of bank rolled quarters. In my county it cost $10.00 first page and $8.50 each one after and $1.00 more for the certified copy. Just be prepared. They will give you a receipt for payment.

Note: The above has been changed as of this date, 8-5-21, do to the fact that the clerks are catching on that the people are getting out of their system and are now refusing to record our documents if they suspect this. Which is their right to do so as a private corporation doing business for a profit. We now do a one dollar postal stamp in the upper right corner of the document with your, Affiant’s, autograph written in red ink on and angel across the stamp and a red thump print over the last letter. The document is then taken to a post office for their date stamp which internationally certifies the document the stamp is attached to. This supersedes that certification stamp of the States via the clerk of court. However, be prepared, some of the postal clerks will not use their date stamp unless you are sending it through them. So what i do is bring along a self addressed and stamped envelope and fold the document and place it in the envelope and hand it to the clerk and inform him / her that it is addressed to you and ask for it back as delivered. Make sure they include the date stamp on it also. All lawful. If they refuse, oh well, you will get in in a day or two via the mail.

SENDING COPIES TO ANOTHER PARTY Make a copy of the certified copy and if more than one page, glue the pages together at the upper left corner. Do not use staples. There are four ways to get a copy to the other party. Place the copy into an addressed envelope to the party intended. Put your return address on the envelope for the post office will not take it without it, you need not put your name. Place a $1.00 stamp on the upper right corner and place your autograph on an angle across it. If you are unable to write over the stamp due to being made that way, place a peace of writable scotch tape over it and write across it. This makes you the post master. Be sure to do your address with c/o and [12345] brackets around the zip.

1 and 2. To keep from filling out the forms in the post office, you should pick up some registered and/or certified forms along with return receipts request. The registered letter will cost about $20.00 each and the certified about $7.00 and chances are the addressee will not sign for the delivery, they will have someone else sign for it, thus breaking the chain of custody for that evidence. Certified and receipt requested or Registered and receipt requested.

3. Should you use a corporation employed process server you may get a refusal to serve a public servant. These servers work according to statutes of the State Corporation.

Note: Due to all government offices be incorporated, they have no honor. Therefor, one should use Certified mail for the chain of custody is not being honored and it cost you less. The important think to remember is if and when the Grand Jury’s are back up and running, the fact will be known of the delivery practices of the postal service as a corporation in itself, which changes their rules to meet their needs. If the Agent / Principle sends the document, “Return to Sender”, back to you, keep it as is for it too is evidence.

4. DO NOT TRY THIS AS A CITIZEN, you must have declared your status as a non-citizen first. You may also personally deliver the document. Make your own receipt with the time and dated of service and the name of the party the document is given to, remember Notice to Agent. Chances are the party you intend the document for will not be available. Have two witness with you to confirm the delivery and put their names on the receipt. You can later have them swear out an affidavit of the fact if need be.

Note: Since the patriots have caught on to what the corporate government has been doing and trying to do to the people, they have since created a fraud scam across the world trying to lock the people down and from doing anything like all the above. We are not allowed freely in their offices and it takes weeks to do business by mail with these criminals.

What i do is look up their home, personal address using their public record site and do a property search in their name then serve them via the certified return receipt. Do not fear putting them on the spot for if they have done you or your property harm, you now have the right to make a property claim, under common law via form of affidavit, on their lands, home, vehicle, etc. (According to Magna Carta chapter 61). Remember, no mater what they have done in their legal system to you or your property, you can undo it any time under common law once you have made claim of not being one of their citizens.

I made some up dates as of 3-16-22 below and above. It should be know now that i have established my claim of who i am, i am no longer recognized by anyone in the Corporate Government. Therefore, when you get to this point, it is no longer necessary to use a notary or have anything certified by them. What they have done to me is they send the document back saying it does not meet their statute requirement. What they fail to say is that i do not meet their statute requirement as a Citizen. Makes since, if you are no longer under their control they can no longer certify or notarize you as their Citizen. Right? Look at it as being in a club like Sam’s or McDonald’s, etc. If you are out of the club, their clubs, (State Corporate notary), does not apply. Same with the clubs, (State Corporations seal). We now have to use International laws which are above the State Corporation legal laws. By using the one dollar stamp at the top right, as it is to be, and three witness with their seal who are only claiming that they saw you put your seal at the end of your printed name, verifying you as, i:man (or woman).

This now presents a new problem of recording in their public record. They will not do so do to their statute requirement. Now, we have to get it to them by serving them in their private complicity as a man or woman via certified or registered mail. A State Corporate Process Server will not serve their own. We can also make it clear to them that a public record can be any, or as many computer sites you make a claim to, by posting your documents. And / or you can take two witnesses with you and confront the other party and hand them the documents then have the two witness autograph a form you created stating on said date, time and location of who was served. Least of all, remember, you want to avoid their legal system whenever possible. Once you are not allowed to put documents into their system, is when it is time to find other lawful systems. This is self governance. You do it. You make the claims. You follow them through. You are now a free man/woman.

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