N.A.C. code

Natural Area Codes By Robert-dean: House

NAC code is another form of accurate non-corporate coordinates for any location on Earth.  It stands under International law above section descriptions, legal description, street addresses, metes and bounds, and grid coordinates. In other words, if one used this to make a claim on another’s home, it is non-disputable. I use this number along with meets and bounds and grid in 24 claims of my 20 acres cut in half under a fraudulent deed theft of 10 acres.  I had this site listed at the top of my home page with CenturyLink.  All i had to do was to click on it and then put in the grid i got from another site and hit find.  It would locate any home and give the ten-digit code using numbers and letters and show the home or site in an Aerial photo.

I now find it non-existing.  As i do a DuckDuckGo or Bing search for, NAC Locator, i find it to be switched out with something else which is not in the description page located.  This was a valuable tool against the elite who think they can remain transparent to the people.  If anyone can find it, please forward it to me at trefarmeh@centurylink.net.

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