The Elite; 1000 years advanced

Important for the People to see.  By :Robert-dean: House

Starship Earth; The Big Picture June 8, 2022.  Scroll down to the white box with black print.  Please try to see this as i do.  My Gunnery Sgt. once said, “Protect your ass”.  I will also attach the site here below.  Think about it.  How do you get away from these evil entities?  Do you think you even need to?  What if i do a form of affidavit, Live Life Claim?  Will this be sufficient?  Once one officially, for the first time in their life, makes a claim of who and what they are, will they be safe?  Will one be safe if he or she did not do one?  What can it hurt?  By doing a Live Life Claim you are officially choosing sides.  The side of God, Good, Love, Honesty, and the common laws of the Commandments.  Or, the side of the elite satanic entities of evil, codes, statutes, orders, and their trolls of attorneys among their legal system?  These evil people cannot touch one under a Live Life Claim unless he/she brakes the claim by consent.  For a free template of a Live Life Claim and instructions please email me a  This is what they keep making people to look away from.  They want to own you and have been losing many to such claims and now wish to patent your DNA for ownership and study or kill as they see fit.  For the love of God, give this some serious thought.  Make the claim while you still can. The legal system is under Admiralty and Maritime Laws of the Sea, (water).  A Live Life Claim puts one above the water, you might see it as, “walking on water”, because those laws do not apply to the real live man or woman on the land without consent.  Look up, in the Bible,  Matthew 14: 22 – 33. Need i Say more?

June 8, 2022: A Lot More Happening Out in the Open – Starship Earth: The Big Picture (

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