Future Events P.S.

From :Robert-dean: House <trefarmerh@centurylink.net>

I do not disagree with Christopher on the truth or facts.  I have a different view.  We are facing a Spiritual War between Good and Evil.  What he talks about has been going on for centuries but now it is coming to an end and all through the Bible it reads how people need to return to the Creator.  They must pick a side, off of the fence.  Evil is doing all it can to get people’s attention away from doing the right thing and making a claim to God.  Evil cannot and will not touch a man or woman who makes that claim under God’s given seal as long as one is not enticed to fall for its deceit and gives in under his consent.  This, i believe is what is now driving the acceleration of evil.  As evil sees more and more people trickling over to Good with a Live Life Claim the more evil is brought upon those who have not.  Once such a claim is concluded one can see, feel and witness the loss of FEAR. It will also give one better insight to see what is really going on and where it is going.  Yes, due to FEAR and disbelief, a lot of people are yet to die an evil death.  Can you not see as i do?  There are only two sides to this World War III.  Pick one now before evil picks it for you and it be too late.  What is holding you from doing so?  Is it FEAR again of not knowing what a Live Life Claim may do to you? 

Be it known, Bible: 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God hath not given to us the Spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind”. 

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