For Havens’s sake, do not do 3735

Do not set foot in their court.  By :Robert-dean: House

This is what i do and why.  They have to give the man or woman an invite first be it a writ, summons, citation, notice to appear, etc.  You, the real live man or woman are not what they are after unless you consent to it.  It is the Trust they draw from.  A real live man or woman is in the lawful system while the unknowing citizen is in their legal system.  If you have one of their contracts you are in their system.  Don’t let anyone fool you on this.  Unless you have made a declaration claim of who and what you are and can prove that with witnesses and your seal, until then, you are theirs.  This is what i do.

Check with Robert for the following links.

Summons 11 page Fraud 5-10-220002.pdf

Summons 11 page Fraud 5-10-220003.pdf

Summons 11 page Fraud 5-10-220004.pdf

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