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Go private and get out of the public service corporation rules and regulations By :Robert-dean: House

Watch this video starting at 46 minutes in, or from the beginning if you like. 

Trucker Convoy Trespass (  

This will make more sense if i relate it to my own experience.  I own my Dump Truck, i do not lease from a bank, nor have payments with a third banking loan party, or drive for another owner.  If you are one of these truckers, you must have a license from the service corporation under their deceit and your consent.  Don’t let anyone fool you, your purchase of the fuel-tax pays for your road use. 

Therefore, as the sole owner, I need no license from anyone.  I contract with John who wants to have some dirt delivered, x amount, I figure in my expenses and my profits to a total amount.  I then produce this as an estimate to John in writing the contract and i require 1/2 down and 1/2 upon delivery or completion.  The 1/2 is for expenses.  I use his money, not mine.  After the job is complete, i have made my profit.  I also include a certain percent more in the estimate in case John does not pay me for the completion, for whatever reason, therefore i suffer no losses.  My profit is usually 3 times the cost unless i decide otherwise. 

David Steenburg:

I would like to discuss this with him, but i do not know how to get in touch, maybe in this post.  I do have Christopher’s email but he is too busy to email me back as often as i email him. 

David Steenburg, you need to get out of the corporation and conduct your own business without a license if you own your own truck.  I can show you how to make yourself the sole owner of your truck with your own patented and copyright tag that will tell LEO’s that your truck is private property and can be used as you see fit under a two-party contract.  I have instructions for a form of affidavit property claim and a fill-in template.  Just email me at,, it is free to all who ask.  But you must do a Live Life Claim first.    When you possess a License you are conducting business under a three-party contract and you consent to the third party’s rules and regulations, etc.  Can everyone see the need for all the truckers to do this?  And business owners?   There would be no more problems for it is those who issue the license who have you under their control with their deceit and your consent.  Now, imagine if all businesses, the pits where you get the dirt, the warehouses where you get your next delivery between two contractors, as the trucker you are the delivery man and your contract to get the load is with the owner of the goods, and his contract to sell his goods are with the party, man or woman you are to deliver to. Where does a third-party interloper, (city, county, state, or federal service corporation), come into the contract unless you consent to it?   Also, you need no corporate licensee Doctor to prove to the corporation you are fit to have their license. 

Sorry folks, COVID is only a cover of what is really going on.  The ‘powers to be’ fear you the most when you make a claim of who and what you are as a man or woman created in God’s images as his people under the seal he gave each and every one of us but we and only each and every one of us must make the claim of what side we are on by using that seal along without parents given name.  My parents gave me, Robertdean written in babble as Robert Dean, properly written as Robert-dean of the family House aka, :Robert-dean: House.  This is known as my true identity printed in my hand and witnessed by two witnesses, :Robert-dean:House(  seal  ), red thumbprint over the last letter of the name. 

When you have a chance watch the video series of, The Chosen.   You will find so much of the above within.    

Another must video

Day 5 Grand Jury Leslie Manookian They Stole Everything (

The Chosen

Free download.  Please pass on.  This is why one needs a Live Life Claim.  Once you are out of the Admiralty and Maritime system, (of the Sea), you will be able to stand over those in the legal system.  (Walking on Water). 

 The Chosen (

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