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More Evidence of Fraud / Questions to Be Answered

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My comment is based on facts most people do not want to know or refuse to know.   Once upon a time, there was a criminal organization run by “Capone” which he called the United States of America.  He convinced the people to register and join his organization for their betterment.  He promised them everything by way of deceit and required their consent.  He allowed them to drive with his issued Driver’s License.  He allowed them to open a business with his issued business license.  And so on, and each time he got a new member he got a processing fee from them.  Then he made it mandatory to have insurance on your business and issued another man or woman as a corporation doing business to supply the people with insurance.  That went well for Capone, so he supplied insurance for the people’s transportation, just in case they drove off the road and damaged their wheels, they could get it fixed by paying less to the auto business that also has a license from him.  But that was not enough for this honest John of a real living man, he then required his followers to keep assumed or presumed sick or ill people out of their business and required them to take the precaution and to receive a mandatory scorpion sting to prevent the spread of love and joy or face losing a license for non-compliance and maybe a fine from his administrative court.  Capone made so much money from the blind masses that he bought ownership in the BAR which regulates the Admiralty and Maritime courts of the Sea, (water) who controlled the LEOs of his corporation.  He even made it mandatory for all his business to be registered under another, high-end corporation known as DUNS and Bradstreet and assigned all his followers a nine-digit number to keep better track of his property.   

Who is Capone?  Every President of the United States of America Corporation since 1861.  The Storm is upon us.

The data provided to media sources and states during the 2020 Election labeled “Edison data” was the subject of much discussion after the 2020 Election.  Today we revisit some of the analyses of this data. 

TGP identified a number of glitches on the night of the 2020 Election and this led TGP to a data set from the election that was referred to as the Edison data set.

TGP reported on the millions of votes that were manipulated and stolen from President Trump in the election and the story went viral.

This then led to a review of Edison data by state.  After looking into a few states we saw a pattern where hundreds of thousands of votes were recorded for Joe Biden and then from that point forward no new entries in the data set for each state deviated from a set pattern.  We labeled this the “Drop and Roll”:

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