Remember the discussion about author Dean Koontz’s book, THE EYES OF DARKNESS published back in the 80s which was about a PANDEMIC of a killer CORONA VIRUS? Many tried to say, no it wasn’t etc. Well yes, it was, I re-read it recently. I have always been a fan of that author’s works, especially the ODD THOMAS series (which by the way are very much also based on the nefarious plan for depopulation). I thought I had read every one of his books. Turns out I missed one. A VERY IMPORTANT ONE! This one was published in 2014. Let me share some quotes from it (Lone Ranger and Little Titmouse are the persons the demon character is speaking to):

  • page 358, “Little Titmouse, you want crazy, go to North Korea. Maniacs. Lunatic bastards. TV says this thing the lunatics engineered, it’s a twofer.”
  • page 358, “Ebola virus, Lone Ranger, and flesh-eating bacteria, and way pumped up, the shit’s totally enhanced, airborne, they say worse than atom bombs. It eats you up from the inside out. How’s that for bad?”
  • page 377, (one of the main characters speaking), “The plague, I think, after which the long war between mankind and microbes will have ended”…. “It’ll be worse than bad. Latest word is that they engineered the weapon, the bug, for a 98-percent mortality rate, It exceeded their expectations. Then they lost control of it.”
  • pages 380-381 (another character speaking), “The North Koreans, what’s left of them, announced a short while ago that birds don’t contract the disease, but they do carry it. There’s no quarantine that can prevent birds from flying.”

DOES AVIAN FLU sound familiar?

In that book, only 2 percent of the human population survives, and they are those who possess a particular DNA which is not of the Cain or Abel bloodline and is, as a result, not tainted by original sin. The book is titled INNOCENCE by Dean Koontz. Other authors wrote far in advance of the roll-out too, Stephen King, THE STAND, Robert R. McCammon, SWAN SONG and then four years ago the TV Series, THE LAST SHIP. In addition, of course to movies made to convey the same plan, CONTAGION, OUTBREAK, etc.

What we are currently experiencing is EXACTLY what was done to the population IN PUNISHMENT for failing to do as the rulers ordered, (in this case take the jab) which is absolutely laid out in HUNGER GAMES and then of course what the remaining female population STILL ABLE TO REPRODUCE, would be used for in service to the Elite in the TV series A HANDMAID’S TALE. (that one is just beyond disgusting and I couldn’t watch beyond the first episode).

These are but a few examples of how they have been telling us PRECISELY WHAT THEY WERE AND ARE DOING.

Remember the patent for the actual bio-weapon (COVID-19) was obtained in 2015 long before the release of that virus. The plan has been far less effective than planned, I think, largely because they were forced to accelerate with a not yet ready for prime time weapon. Thus, they will now throw all caution to the wind and attempt to use a far more lethal vector. Will they call it Monkey Pox or something less silly-sounding? As Shakespeare pointed out, the name is irrelevant. DO NOT FORGET THAT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING TAKING FRONT AND CENTER STAGE IN NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL NEWS IS A DISTRACTION…. IT IS NOT WHAT YOU SHOULD BE LOOKING AT OR PAYING ATTENTION TO…. SEEK OUT WHAT THE LEFT HAND IS DOING WHILE THE RIGHT HAND IS DEMANDING YOUR ATTENTION! ALSO, REMEMBER THIS HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH POLITICS OR POLITICAL PARTIES.

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