The Public Court House

 From and By Robert Dean House

First and foremost, the court houses you refer to are not the people’s courthouses.  The people’s courthouse has only one floor for which to hold court on.  There is no judge sitting above the people on that floor, if so, it is not the people’s court.  The witnesses do not sit inside a box.  If so, it is not the people’s court.  The jury is not to be seated in two rows, one above the other and separated by a rail.  If so, it is not the people’s court.  The people of the community sit in a separate area as witnesses to the event. To hold court in one of their buildings would be a trespass.  Are you seeing where i am going?  Yes, it is true that the people paid for these courts but under deceit and fraud. The people’s court can be held anywhere on flat ground known as one plain or the same plain.  One man holds the order of the people’s court and that is his responsibility he need not be a Judge but for simplicity.  He calls forward the one who is making a claim.  The claimant speaks, and witnesses.  Then he calls the accused and witnesses.  If need be, the jury foreman can ask questions he/she gathered from the jury.  The jury talks it over and votes.  Foreman gives the finding and recommendations of the jury and before all the witnesses within this court, the judge reads it to all and declares its enforcement by all and any LEO’s. 

It is that simple. I await the results of the Claimant: Christopher James Court vs. World Genocide orchestrated by, name, name, name, etc.

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