Not the Jesse Venture i am used to.  By: Robert-dean:House <>

Vote?  Vote where?  For whom.  First of all, we need to get back to the original constitution and not the generic ones, there are two, that the Corporations use.  People should not have to register to vote because by doing so they give up their rights for privileges and their vote can be changed under power of attorney for which one just gave up, unknowingly.

Under the original constitution of a peoples-controlled government it is a requirement that only people who are property owners can campaign for an office and if the man or woman has land in a deed, he she is not the owner.  The deed holder is, and usually that deed holder is a corporate entity other than a real live man or woman.  A deed is in the fictious name, the all caps holder or the fictious character or dead PERSON.   A Corporation.  Also, under the original Constitution it calls for all ballots to be paper.  This is the man or womans printed, legible, name with their God given Seal over the last letter.  Reason, to prove the man or womans identity.   These ballots are designed in this way to allow accurate recount, if need be, should there be any questions or doubt.  The ballots are to be put into a secured ballot box after the man or woman creates it, thus casting a vote.  This ensures that each man or woman wishing to be counted, is counted.  

Everyone, and i do mean everyone is being deceived when they believe in the results of a computer tallied vote.  This kind of voting is not and never was allowed in the people’s election of who they wanted to give responsibility to as a pillar of the community.  And along with this responsibility is liability for one’s action to perform or failure to perform when performing is required. 

Therefore, Mr. Ventura, i do hope you are aware of the above otherwise your comments are meaningless and off point unless you are the Governor of the Wal-Mart Corporation or another.    

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