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3735 Federal License…

After working for the Federal Government, and military, i found out that they were in fact not the Federal Government and were not transparent about who they were upon my being hired.  They were and are in fact for-profit service corporations that were operating under fraud for which i have discovered and have since nullified as is my right.  So, what does this have to do with Federal income when in fact there is no Federal anything?  And by the way, the real live man or woman are not persons.  Please try to avoid using that word if you are in fact referring to the real live man or woman.  If you are correctly using, “Person”, please identify it as the fictitious character of a fictitious corporation, etc.  Also, pensions are usually after an agreed amount of service time and are binding contracts.  If i am no longer a member of Berger King, giving them no more service, and they wish to send me funds each month due to my fulfilling an obligation under contract fraudulent or not, so be it.  No one can tax me for it unless it is in the contract or by my consent.  

Sometimes you can be very confusing.  If you were just to tell people that all this was under fraud in the first place, we can all start working on getting rid of these organizations and back on the right track.

I am curious

We know the police, judges, and attorneys are accessing the trust after they have a real man or woman in front of them and they turn them into a person.  Just exactly how are they doing this?  What is their procedure step by step?  I know they have a form that has to have the following three signatures, judge, attorney, the real live man or woman, or their reprehensive / attorney.  Usually judge and two attorneys.  What does the form look like and who is it sent to?

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