SCOTUS Has Overturned 2020 Presidential Election

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SCOTUS Has Overturned 2020 Presidential Election

Whether you want to believe it or not, Phil here brings up in this short video from two weeks ago, that SCOTUS has ruled in private to Overturn the Results, as DJ Trump did win the 2020 Presidential Election, as well as, Trump will step back into office soon and not have to run in 2024 and win. There will not be a Special Election for Trump to get back into office as he is the Secondary Runner Up, thus he will be handed the Presidency. The SC Justices and their families are now under US Military protection: Continuation of July 6th Livestream (intel drop)
Phil Godlewski  2.0 Published July 6, 2022  576,414 Views  7:17 minutes

This may seem to be just some conspiracy theory, just like what everything happened on 911, but we have been kept in the quiet for all of this, and all the Classified documents of all these events have been Declassified even going back to the JFK Assassination and the cronies that took him down for the cabal control in the NWO. It has also been reported in the past that Trump was selected as Commander-in-Chief of the US Military as of March 2021 and that is why Biden could not get us into a major war as Trump still had the ‘Football.’ The SCOTUS ruling may also bring up that many other elections in the states are overturned as the election process was a complete fraud due to foreign interference. There have been delays to take down the cabal and bring back the Republic for everyone to see and it should happen hopefully in the next few weeks if not by the end of August, and we won’t have the US CORP elections as about 95% of Congress and many others have committed Treason and cannot run for office let alone stay in office till January.

If a court can rule that Our Constitutional Rights are ‘Illegal’ then they are wrong as they never stated they are Unconstitutional, and then they can rule that the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation are Illegal, but they will never state that the Organic Act of 1871 is Illegal as that made the USA and the states Foreign Corporations. How can they base it on being Illegal?:
Breaking: Texas Court Declares First Amendment Illegal
Posted By: CrystalRiver
Date: Wednesday, 20-Jul-2022 21:23:50
July 20th 2022, 4:19 pm
“Constitutional lawyer warns: “This presents an unparalleled threat to ordinary, everyday Americans’ freedom and liberty because if they can do it to Alex Jones then they can do it to you.”
“More at the link below:
“The people involved in this no matter their robe or color or degree need to be held fully accountable and guilty of harm against the people and the republic of America and they should be facing a firing squad!!!”
More, watch these videos…

Here is a hypothetical reading on gun control:
This may happen when a cop or someone else shoots someone in self-defense;
Person one: “Let’s just say the gunman wasn’t aiming at a group of schoolchildren, but at you — you have a second before he pulls the trigger. What would you do?”
Person two: “Well, first of all…”
Person one: “Too late. Your Dead.”
You do not have time to call 911, let’s say 5-10 minutes for a physical response, or if you were a cop to call other officers to assist to de-escalate the situation.

If every word in Websters Dictionary has been copyrighted, as itself is copyrighted, without anyone of We The Peoples’ approval then everything that we say or write is in that violation, and they can go back to the King James Version of the Holy Bible, which was never copyrighted, to then ban all those words as Illegal as they now belong to Websters Dictionary, and that includes the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation as well. You cannot have anything copyrighted as that word in itself is copyrighted.

The Time is Yet to Come Saith the Lord God Almighty!


Establishing the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission [Enacting NESARA and the Republic on Nov 2, 2020]

I-XII Amendments to the Constitution, 1789-1804

Organic Act of 1871  [Feb 21, 1871]


The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission

Declaration for the California Republic, 2020

House Joint Resolution 192 of JUNE 5, 1933

Without Prejudice

Dan Mahnke

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