Anna, Are you telling me that I don’t owe any taxes?

858 7. Are you telling me that I don’t owe any taxes? How is that possible? It costs money to
859 provide governmental services. If I don’t pay my taxes, how will the schools be funded and
860 the fire departments and libraries stay open?

861 The fact is that all governmental services contracts are between states and other
862 incorporated entities, not states and people. Technically, it’s literally impossible for a living
863 man or woman to owe any tax for any governmental service.

Final Judgment and Civil Orders
APRIL 11, 2014

864 Remember that all valid contracts must be “in-kind”. Corporations can contract only
865 with other corporations. Living people can contract only with other living people. The
866 proliferation of “trusts” has been used as a vehicle —literally creating a “commercial vessel”
867 capable of interfacing with corporations and entering into corporate contracts. The creation of
868 these “individual public trusts” and their supposed obligations has been done without the
869 knowledge, consent, or participation of the living people merely upon the “representations” made
870 “in their behalf” by third parties claiming to “represent” them—–lawyers and unscrupulous
871 politicians.

872 Note that even the original equity contract known as The Constitution for the united
873 States of America is between the States and the government being created by contract to provide
874 the States with services—not the living people. We, the People, are only mentioned as the
875 beneficiaries of the Natural and Unalienable Rights that are assets held in the national trust and
876 further outlined and defined by the Bill of Rights. We are not direct parties to this or any
877 other governmental services contract.

878 As for how do governmental services get paid for? Your states are inestimably valuable
879 and properly administered, they contain vast material assets that can be utilized to generate
880 income more than sufficient to pay for all governmental services—and this is in fact what all the
881 states do. They already generate more than enough income every year to pay for all
882 governmental services. They simply keep track of their expenses and provide a “billing
883 statement” addressed to your ESTATE in hopes that you will step forward and “volunteer”—–
884 to pay a share of the expenses for them, so that their private, for-profit corporation is enabled to
885 operate without any expense and seize the entire profit from the sale and utilization and
886 investment of your organic state’s assets entirely for its own benefit.

887 If by chance your ESTATE fails to voluntarily cough up its share this year, they will
888 conveniently forget all the other labor and currency and value you have contributed in prior years
889 and also fail to mention all the money they made this year off of the “state” assets you are
890 supposed to be the beneficiary of. Alaskans should at this point take a moment to estimate their
891 actual share of revenue collected from the oil industry this year, versus the pittance offered as a
892 “Permanent Fund Dividend”. Now they should calculate their actual share of the Permanent
893 Fund Dividend as shareholders. And they should, if they are rational beings, be very, very upset
894 with those claiming to “represent” them and their interests.

895 After all, those who claim to “represent” you have taken seats as the officers of this same
896 foreign franchise for-profit “STATE” corporation and they see it as their duty to make sure that
897 corporation is as profitable as possible—-so they justify attacking you, their employer, and
898 seizing your assets and telling you what to do and how to do it and when and how often—-all in
899 the name of somehow ultimately benefiting you via entrapment, enslavement, armed extortion,
900 and fraud.

901 Every unit of “government” in America is not only in control of and profiting from the
902 use and misuse of vast “public” assets, they are rolling in the money and credit they have
903 extorted from the actual beneficiaries of the public trusts, then rolling some more in the money
904 and credit they have made from investing all this purloined largesse, and proliferating new and
905 ever-more numerous units of government and government agencies —-like a cancerous growth
906 soaking up the sugars of the Body Politic.

907 Every year the corporations running your federal, state, and municipal “government”
908 make so much more money than they expend on public services that the idea that taxation of
909 individual living men and women and their private property assets is “necessary” to fund public
910 services is laughable. Exactly how these criminally mismanaged corporations hide the loot so
911 that they can continue to “poor mouth” and impose more taxation will be addressed in answer to
912 other questions.  
6. Final Judgment and Civil Orders
APRIL 11, 2014

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