Joe Biden Must Go | #3409

By Judge Anna von Reitz

Joe Biden Must Go

There are many reasons that Joe Biden and his sidekick Kamala Harris both have to go.

The first reason is that Joe and Sister Kamala are a tag team of unprecedented incompetence.

Second, Joe is a self-admitted thug and crook who used his position as VP to Obummer to launder money for his family and friends in Congress. He was proud of his strong-arm technique, using our stolen credit as leverage against a Ukrainian criminal prosecutor who happened to be investigating the activities of Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden isn’t only a crook, he’s an accomplished crook and bully. He bragged about it on video and to this day, he hasn’t recanted a word of it.

Contrary to what the equally corrupt DOJ may have told you, he is not protected by his office from criminal prosecution. Nobody and that means NOBODY is above the Public Law in this country, and if you think otherwise, you are living in a different “country”.

That’s right, take it in — criminals and thugs are in control of “our” federal Subcontractors, and our military is either so corrupt or so stupid that they actually appear to believe that this joker acting “as” the President of the United States of America is their Commander in Chief.

News for them. You’ve been following the wrong “President” for a while.

Biden is “President” of a look-alike, sound-alike British Territorial Commercial Corporation, He is emphatically NOT The President of The United States of America and NOT your Commander-in-Chief.

That Office belongs to the actual President of the Federation of States of the Union.

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