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Attorneys, wolves in sheep clothing by Robert -Dean: House

April 1978 I was transferred from Barracks duty in Guam to Camp Lejeune, N.C. as an 81mm NCO until my end of time in service in March of 1979.  When i arrived,  i noticed the tainted water whenever taking a drink from the scuttlebutt, (water fountain).  It had a very high content of chlorine.  They new something was wrong with the water before i got there, how long, they will never tell.     

Now, 44 years later there are ads all over T.V. and Radio of the contaminated water discovered in 1982 as one of the ads claims.  Really, 1982?  Well, let’s just go with that and break this all down to what it is really all about.

I want to ask my fellow Marines some questions:

1.  Why was the chlorine so heavy in the drinking water?

2.  Marines did complain about it but what was done?

3.  Why did it take 40 years to admit the water was toxin?

4.  Why are “they” getting so many attorneys to advertise the fact? 

5. Who are “they”?

6.  Attorneys.


1.  Chlorine was used to kill, prevent, cover, the toxins but as we all know, chlorine is a toxin, so the matter was just made worst.  How long before i got there was this going on?  Maybe that can be answered by a fellow Marine who was there when it was started for i do not have that answer. 

2.  Even thought there were complaints and concerns by the Marines stationed there, tradition has it that Marines never complain.  The response i got was, “The upper command is well aware of the situation and are dealing with it”.  Something like that. 

3.  40 years?  But they knew about it in 1982, so they claim.  They also are claiming that from 1934, i am guessing, is when it was first noticed, through 1982, when, i am assuming, they rectified the situation, that is 54 years of Marines being contaminated.  I do not think anyone is going to find out how many Marines are stationed at Lejeune let alone how many have been there and left through the years but i will give you my estimates just for an example more or less.  Based on a 3-year tour, estimations of 250 thousand Marines every tour.  3 into 54 is 18 years times 250 = 4,500,000, that is four and a half million.  But wait, they are going from 1934 to 1987, 1.250,000 more. An estimated total of nearly 6 million Marines or better.  Not to mention civilians.

4.  Attorneys, ambulance chasers, BAR members, characters in a play, wolves in sheep clothing, Gargoyles, they are not your friend.  To get a better handle on what is going on and why, i contacted Sokolove Law and had them send me one of their applications/ contracts.  They were to get 40% of the settlement and i was to get 60% but all the expenses were to come off the top of the 60%.  You finger it out, that could leave me with very little. Even with my condition of skin cancer on my face the past ten years and now a football sized tumor behind my left ear, this would leave me with very little.  Needless to say, i turned them down and went to the DAV, Disabled American Veterans.  The DAV does not charge anyone to become a member and they act as your counsel and do not charge a fee for the proper paperwork for a claim with the V.A., Veteran’s Association.   In a bad situation such as mine i could get 100% disability for the rest of my life, even though i have been told that that could be ending some time in 2024.  That is a total of $3,400 per month.  When you factor in attorneys with this amount, for example, you would get about $680 per month plus if you have had other claims with the V.A., they will reevaluate those claims and deduct from them the amount that the Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022, H.R.6482 allotted you as a total to include your payment to the attorneys, after all that is all on you. 

5.  Who are “They”?  In this case “They” are claiming to be Congress, not a true government of this country but a for profit business Corporation doing business to give the people a service or services from the pockets of the people or in this case as in so many others with attorneys, your Cesui Que Vie Trust created in your name via the Birth Certificate.   In H.R 6482, just under its bold print and once again under, A BILL, it reads, “To establish a cause of action for those harmed by exposure to water at Camp Lejeune, North Carlina, and for other purposes”.  What other purposes?  I asked the attorneys at Sokolove Law and they refused to answer.  They did not even want to tell me what H. R. stood for.

6.  Attorneys act, (actors) for the legal system, a system of color of law.  Such a system is backed and supported by the deep state in other words the Globalist.

They are so hearting for funding these days that they have to create another, “look over here event” and one where their Gargoyles reap the profits off the backs of Marines who were serving their country and a great nation of people. Every Marine who signs a consenting contract with the deceivers will also be signing away two times the amount given by congresses H.R. 6482 via the Cesui Que Vie Trust held by the Vatican.   Need i say any more? 

Please remember that i also give away a template and instruction for a Live Life Claim for all those who wish to get out of the Corporate Citizens Ship of deceit and consent.  Just email me at,  Thank you and may God be with you. 

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