Requiem – STORY OF ONE SKY 💜

Everything is divinely orchestrated, right messengers, old souls, beings of light, called to signal, to prepare, to help humanity make the shift from darkness to light. So many Hear and Answer the calling… choosing rightly, choosing Life and Light.

Dimash’s message addresses exactly our times, to his brothers and sisters living together in such epic moments of crucial importance. According to our consciousness, understanding, soul experience, heart opening, and calibration…the impact of his creation will differ from person to person. His prior compositions prepared us for this…and for what is coming next. We can only grow and bloom together as we are crossing together this tormented period in our existence.

Hopefully, his impressive Voice emitting on the most suitable frequency now for our hearts, minds, and bodies, to properly calibrate and integrate the Light coming down on Earth…will reach as many souls, touching the right cords, making them vibrate and facilitate heart to heart communication, connecting and uniting people from all over the world, hearts beating together as One.

Dimash’s Music breathes life & spirit into the world, bringing fresh new energy, breaking old patterns, reviving, embodying moral healthy human virtues, sharing immense Love, bringing joy and healing, feeding starving souls, speaking the language of love, being the change he wants to see in the world. He is far more than just a Singer, composer, song-writer, instrumentalist, and actor.

Obvious already, for large amounts of Dears, feeling almost instantly and permanently touched, uplifted, and different in the best ways possible.

It is a “get up” waking Call toward new Life, Light, Love, Rebirth, Unity, Understanding, Peace… letting behind old mentality, the old world of death, killing and blood, destruction, war, lies, and separation.💛🌞🌏✌️

Let’s stay strong together in our Light and keep shining! Darkness is fading away 💞💞 – official video

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