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The Live Life Claim by :Robert-Dean:House

Listen to Ann in the video, below, trained by David Straight but still trying to claim access to another PERSON’S created trust.  If anyone can get this to her and have her call me at 239-229-6243, i can set the record straight. But for the rest of you, remember, a real man or woman cannot make claim to that which is not theirs.  Just because you think it is because it bears your all-caps name does not make it yours.  Did you create it? No.  It was created under fraud by others who wish to deceive you.  You cannot make claim to something that is not yours such as the trust created in the all CAPS NAME.  You must claim it for what it is, fraud.  American State National?  Are you kidding me I became a child of God before any nation of people or a State of people.  By the way, what America are they referring to?  South America, Central America, or North America which includes Canada?  And, if it is not the united, with the small u, States of America, you are in another corporation. 

For a free template and instructions of a Live Life Claim, please email me at trefarmerh@centurylink.net

Ann Vandersteel interview with Radio Rosie on how to restore the republic. – YouTube

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