Robert — A SHORT EXPLANATION — plus 11 pages.

What gets people in trouble with the courts is their willingness to be a citizen of the courts.  This is why i push the Live Life Claim.  There is nothing wrong with making a claim of who and what you are and are not.  For a free template and instructions, please email me at,  And remember, never recite codes, statutes, UCCs, USCs, etc. within any claim for they were created by the corporations, and yes as far back as 1871.  There are no such things under common law and therefore no statutes of limitations under a common law claim.  People who use or speak of such things do not know the difference between the Lawful System under God and Satan’s Legal System that which is also known as Babylon.  Most people are never told of the two systems, one of freedom and the other of privileges and benefits which can be taken as fast as they are given. 

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