8331. A Reply for Ken and Barbie Cromar

 By Anna Von Reitz

The simple truth is that all the “UCC Contract Trusts” —- anything addressed using an all capital letters NAME, are pre-judged. THEY are already convicted. Read the so-called 14th Amendment.  

Because they are guilty until proven innocent, and because the Americans who are purportedly responsible for these THINGS don’t have a clue what’s going on or what role they are assumed to be playing, the King’s Court has a merry but wholly gratuitous time providing “an appearance of justice” while deciding how much they will pilfer from these fictitious public trusts and how long the clueless American they have latched upon has to sit in jail. 

It’s all about the Fourteenth (By-Law) Amendment of a deceit-ridden corporate charter for a Scottish commercial corporation called “The United States of America”—- Incorporated, that went bankrupt over a century ago, and a giant fraud scheme set up by the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London and the King’s Government to collect war reparations related to the misnamed American Civil War. 

This means that when a summons or citation or warrant is issued in a non-specific NAME which appears to be related somehow to the name of an American and the (intended) American victim answers, they are unwittingly entrapped and grant jurisdiction to the British Magistrate COURT to fleece them absolutely blind as a surrendered criminal. 

There is no trial in these proceedings, only entrapment, personage, barratry, and fraud. This is how these COURTS achieve their astonishing 96% “successful” conviction rate. This is why the guilty attorneys swagger around and look so smug and well-fed. 

We, Americans, have been so trusting, so innocent, and so clueless that the King’s Hounds, his Esquires with American accents, have pillaged the people of this country at will, like so many rabbits in a snare. 

All based on fraud from the beginning to the end of their narrative.  The only wonder of it is that the guilty parties and Principals have gotten away with it so long. 

That’s also why we are assessing initial proven damages of $279 Trillion Dollars against the American Bar Association and the International Bar Association and their Principals, the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, ELIZABETH II and FRANCISCUS. 

It was either that or bother ourselves building guillotines and gibbets.  

Obviously, their courts have to be shut down and numerous people need to be punished and a great many more need to be re-educated. Perhaps those FEMA Camps will come in handy after all. 

Te Deum. 


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