By David Higgs

Atomist: those who can never and will ever discuss the origins of all matter, the [a]ether, b/c they are regulated by the fiction called government.

This religion of atomists then develops the science of mathematics, so as to convolute the simplicity of nature and arithmetic, in order to create value through their patents via those ideas they themselves create.

The world originates around patents which stimulate labor, the slave race, to do their bidding for them in exchange for fiat currency. . . Monopoly money namely, which is merely promises to pay.

They will continue to dissect matter and create new finds so as to continue to siphon money through the public purse, whilst using a portion of this ‘need for financing’, to pay for the labor that builds what they are developing in the private.

Quantum physics and the study of matter is another religion, it is established through fiction and fiction can never be measured through the truth, without destroying itself.

This new ‘postulated particle’ discovered now affects a patent that needs labor to build a new 23 Billion dollar collider…. to which less – I would suspect – than half is needed as before mentioned.

ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE AND FOLLOWS A SCRIPT. . . and government uses the Hegelian Dialectic to fulfill the script’s mandate.

Quantum physics, like the study of theology and equity law, are instruments to administrate over the fiction, that the people then make an agreement to.

. . . all of it is a distraction… b/c it does not speak to the principle.

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