More from Judge Anna von Reitz | #3856 to 3871

3856. The Long Night

3857. Reply Concerning Charlie Ward

3858. Once Again, About Family Guardian Information….

3859. About Banks and Pipelines: Swift and Standard Oil and QFS

3860. Public and International Notice of Necessary Abatement and Commercial Avoidance

3861. What to Do

3862. To the “Good” Military

3863. National Rat Watch Day

3864. How They Worked It

3865. A Right Versus a Privilege — the Trap of Incorporation

3866. Public and International Notice: I’m the Underwriter

3867. The Fiduciary Comment on FTX and Other Imaginary Investments

3868. Weaponizing Language

3869. Me, You, and the Chickens — Answers About Americans

3870. The First of Many

3871. The Great Retribution

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