License; Registration; Insurance – 3 traps

Why can you move in a tractor or a buggy down a highway with no license, registration, or insurance?

Because a free man has the God-given right to move about in his OWN property on the common ways.

Why can’t you do the same thing in your car?

Because neither you nor the car are your own property.

How was this right to move on the common ways taken from you?

By your own hand.

That’s why the ‘officer’ asks you for 3 things when he stops you.

These 3 things form an ironclad case against you that allows the officer to legally take your vehicle, make you pay money, and throw you in jail:


Insurance demonstrates that you are under admiralty jurisdiction because in applying for insurance you have contracted to limit your liability.

The price of having your liability limited is that you come under the jurisdiction of the commercial admiralty courts, in which summary judgments can be made against you.


Registration proves that your car is not your own;

The oppressors will allege that real title is not held by you; you have only a certificate of title which was owned by the manufacturer of the car and did not transfer to you when you bought the car.

Also, when you registered your car, the state gained an equity interest in your car, and with that equity interest, the government got the right to impound the car, and to control your privilege to use it.

LICENSE: Your signature on the license is:

a) your explicit written acceptance of a contract to obey their rules and accept their punishments

b) your admission that you (the flesh-and-blood-you) are properly identified by YOUR NAME in all capital letters, which is thought by many to be the code-name for the legal corporate fiction that the admiralty courts can prosecute

c) admission that you are a resident of (thing residing within) their organization and therefore inferior to and subservient to the commercial corporation called [something like] the department of motor vehicles.

A commentator has written: “You are not required to register your vehicle in a state.

Most people register cars to benefit from state protection of their ownership over the vehicle.

When the car “owner” procures this privilege, he also confers upon the state the right to require those who drive the car to use a license.

A vehicle that is not so registered, and especially by a non-domiciled person, can lawfully be driven by such a person without the need for a driver’s license.

Applying for a driver’s license implies that you are engaged in revenue-taxable commercial activities on the state highways and that you agree to pay taxes upon such activity.

That is one reason (another is in 42USC 666) you must supply a Socialist Security Number when you apply for a Driver’s License: so the state can enforce the payment of taxes upon your commercial activities.

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