“…what’s wrong with the entire banking system…”

By Judge Anna von Reitz from Big Lake, Alaska.

If you know nothing else, read nothing else, please, take the very brief time it takes to understand what this British Member of Parliament is telling you and the rest of the world.

In this less than two-minute expose, he very adequately and eloquently explains what’s wrong with the entire banking system from its foundations to its operations.

In very simple terms, he explains why the banking system must fail and that leaves us to pick up the pieces and transform the manure pile — quickly — into a rose garden for Mankind.

Everything that is debt in the present system, is credit in our system. Our asset base, and the pre-paid credit owed to us, are so massive that any pretense of debt is illusory.

And so now, it is simply a matter of everyone waking up and reclaiming your “reversionary trust right” and all that goes with it, including freedom from forced citizenship obligations, oppressive non-consensual taxation, theft of your assets and credit, subjection to foreign laws, and illegal Territorial and Municipal Interlocking Trust Directorates controlled by the misanthropes like George Soros and Klaus Schwab, who have managed to wheedle their way to the top of the corporate ant hill, and presumed to groom “future global leaders” of the ilk of Justin Trudeau.

You are less than two minutes away from understanding what is wrong — desperately wrong — with the banking system in general.

To this, I shall add the “latest findings” which implicate the Department of the Treasury (IMF) in providing millions upon millions of dollars in direct personal bribes to members of Congress and other elected and appointed officials in exchange for their support for forced vaccinations, mask mandates, lockdowns and other measures antithetical to their oaths, offices, and obligations. These bribes have extended as low as the level of individual doctors and nurses, clinic and hospital administrators, local officials, State of State Governors, and others.

We are not talking about donations to their foundations or kickbacks from cronies or contributions to their campaign war chests by corporate donors — things that should never be allowed in the first place, but, no, we are telling you that a large number of members of Congress have received millions of dollars in individual private bribes from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which has been functioning as the United States Treasury and the United States Treasury Department since 1924.

They have been using your money and assets to buy off people who are posing as your “representatives” ever since the 1860s, and the Mystery Babylon Religion, in back of all this criminality, has been actively corrupting, blackmailing, counterfeiting, trafficking, and subverting the Public Law worldwide for the past 8,000 years — by lulling you asleep and distracting your attention from learning basic facts, such as this British PM is discussing:

Simple facts, like, of course, all the banks are bankrupt…..

This Explains It!!

This Explains It!!

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