Geoengineering scheme launched to dim the sun and freeze Earth’s ocean water

  • From Brighteon

A climate cult company called “Make Sunsets” wants virtue-signaling companies to pay it to pollute the skies and dim the sun, cooling planet Earth and causing ocean levels to plummet as the world’s life-giving water is locked up in ice.

What climate cultists want to achieve is true “gloom and doom.” They wish to dim the sun and plunge Earth into a darker future. They want to suppress photosynthesis which would cause global food crop failures and subsequent famine. They want ocean water locked up in ice, causing ocean levels to fall, and destroying marine habitats for ocean creatures like whales, dolphins, and coral reefs.

And now, this scheme has just been initiated, affecting the entire planet. Depopulation has more than one vector, it turns out.

Listen the full podcast here.

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