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Great news: A federal appeals court BLOCKED the Biden Adminstration’s attempt to force religious doctors and hospitals to provide dangerous “gender-affirming” care to people identifying as transgender. This was the second court ruling to push back on the Biden Administration’s attempt to force medical providers to violate their deeply held beliefs in the name of leftist ideology. Here’s the truth: Conservatives had some major victories in 2022: Overturning Roe v. Wade. Blocking OSHA’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate. And now fighting back on the Biden Administration’s push for far-left gender ideology.
You might notice a pattern: these BIG wins for conservatives keep coming from the courts.
And that’s exactly why the Left is focusing its fire on the judiciary in 2023. They know that the judicial branch has the power to put a stop to the Biden Administration’s craziest liberal policies. It drives them INSANE to be kept within the bounds of the Constitution now that we’ve started fighting back against their judicial activism.
As a well-informed conservative, you’ve heard of judicial activism before — but too many people think of it as something that happens only at the level of the Supreme Court. That’s simply not true. It happens at EVERY level of the judiciary. And that’s why Fair Courts America exists. Our mission is to fight back against the woke mob’s takeover of our judicial system, from the Supreme Court to your local prosecutor. We need your help. Any amount you can give will support our efforts to defend the rule of law in our country. The woke mob is advancing on our courts right now, and only one thing can stop them from total takeover: YOU. In justice,Fair Courts America
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