Sky Wars: Fake alien invasion psyop being tested on suggestible Americans

From: Brighteon 

U.S. and Canadian Air Force jets are using high-cost missiles to shoot down metallic birthday balloons while claiming they are “defeating” the objects. It’s all part of a massive psyop to try to imply that aliens are invading Earth’s atmosphere and that alien craft are being shot down by modern jet fighters.

Furthermore, the idea that humanity’s pathetic fighter jets could defeat the technology of aliens who possess Faster-Than-Light (FTL) capabilities is absurd. If aliens are actually visiting Earth — which isn’t an unreasonable conjecture — they surely aren’t stupid enough to have their UFOs shot down by the woke military morons of Canada and the Pentagon.

It all adds up to an alien invasion false flag psyop test being run via the media.

See full coverage of all this in today’s feature podcast here.

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