4077. The Restitution and Redemption — of Mankind

Claim Before the Vatican Chancery Court, January 19, 2023. — 2975. The Occupation  http://annavonreitz.com/theoccupation.pdf

First Addendum to Claim Before the Vatican Chancery Court3988. Message for Cardinal Mamberti, Vatican Chancery Court — 24th January 2023  http://annavonreitz.com/cardinalmamberti12423.pdf

Second Addendum to Claim Before the Vatican Chancery Court4077. The Restitution and Redemption — Attention H.E. Dominique Mamberti  http://annavonreitz.com/restitutionandredemption.pdf

This Second Addendum was delivered on the Fifth of March 2023 and initialed by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State, The United States of America.

Whereupon all possible Due Process has been served on the Holy See and on the various members and officers of the organizations responsible — we have determined that the only reasonable and truthful remedy is the extension of prepaid credit to everyone on Earth, and the payment of government services and infrastructure development without recourse to any form of taxation, along with the abolishment of the so-called Internal Revenue Service, and all other privateer organizations. We are issuing full disclosure.

The sources of this prepaid credit are: (1) at the hand of the True God; (2) an inheritance of investments and arrears owed to our ancestors and to us for the last six generations; (3) credit for liens established against illegal confiscations, non-payment, and false claims; and (4) via recoupment of physical assets owed to us individually and collectively.

The prepaid credit that already exists has been generated from the investment of physical assets belonging to the living people is to be distributed directly via prepaid credit accounts established with national prosperity institutions.

These accounts will be used to pay all reasonable and customary expenses for the living people and will ensure a pleasant and equitable life for everyone born on this planet; it is our intent to solve the problems of waste management, chemical pollutants, high-quality food and water, housing, and clean energy without further delay.

We do not consider overpopulation to be a problem; ancient records affirm that Earth once supported a population of over 500 billion.

We do not recognize the existence of any “national debt” in this country or any other country wherein the inhabitants have been forced to exchange actual goods and services for private bank scrips; any such debt is entirely the debt of the perpetrators of these schemes, not the nations victimized by them or the people forced to use this “legal tender”.

A world that functions on credit instead of debt is much to be desired and appreciated for its reflection of Eternal Truth, for the amity it inspires, and for the peace that it encourages and helps to preserve.

We are aware of the potential problems of greed, gluttony, and sloth; but, like all potentials for error, these must be faced with determination to educate and to inspire. Everyone in receipt of the prepaid credit will be given information about where this largesse came from, and all educational efforts will include transparent admission of our mutual divine origins and purposes.

The true nature of Creation and the actual history of this planet have been hidden until this hour when it comes to us, who are prepared and in harmony, ready to do what must be done to protect, preserve, educate, and care for the living people who have long existed as abandoned orphans in the House of their own Father.

We have envisioned an extension of our family worldwide, on a global basis, and are prepared to welcome all people from all cultures and religions and races, anyone and everyone from every social strata, all those who are willing to embrace goodwill, kindness, sharing, respect for each individual one’s natural gifts and rights, fellow-feeling and joy which is worthy of freedom.

To that end, we have chartered The Global Family International Trade Bank and Global Family Commercial Bank to act as conduits to transition the world financial system from a system of debt, usury, lies and oppression to a harmless, truthful, transparent, and beneficial service. We are redefining banks in general as “prosperity institutions” which require very little regulation or oversight because transparency puts an end to the ability to cheat and launder money. There is no longer any profitability in doing evil things.

Instead, the way to profit in the Prosperity System is to invest in good things for good reasons. Nations profit from investing in their people, improving their workforce, advancing education, and preserving health— and by investing in their land and soil and water resources and thereby increasing their net value and the value of their currency. Individuals profit from investing in their skills and talents, new technologies, beneficial services and visionary projects.

In the Global Prosperity System, the daily question is: “What can I do to make this world a better place?” not “Who can I trick, murder, steal from, or defraud today?”

Corporations can be allowed to the extent that corporations work faithfully to improve life and preserve life, but we owe no support to organizations that are unaccountable and focused on finding more efficient ways to kill and defraud the living people —including their employers and underwriters.

We wish for the Department of Defense and the DOD, both, to be liquidated and each armed service reduced to the functions of its branch under our civilian command structure, operated transitionally as our Peacekeeping Task Force.

It is untenable to contract with SERCO as paymaster, as SERCO has been one of the chief accomplices in the development of the current situation, and also needs to be liquidated along with the CIA, Inc. Similar to the FBI, the CIA has been misdirected by evil men and women intent on profiteering from crime and politics, instead of providing protection or justice for their ultimate employers, the people of this country.

The focus of all defense services providers and contractors needs to be narrowly defined to defend our nations against international thuggery and to prepare for the inevitable challenges of space. Toward that end, we wish for the end of all occupational forces sustained by self-interested corporations, which have benefited themselves at the expense of the living people they are supposed to serve.

For example, the people of Terra Australis have been occupied by Territorial forces of the British Empire presenting their forces as Australia (Inc.) and by Municipal Corporation franchises presenting themselves as AUSTRALIA (INC.). These purported “service” organizations have occupied the country and oppressed the living people for profit, stealing title to their assets, imposing arbitrary taxation, using the people and their assets as collateral to borrow against, and generally working against the interests of their employers and benefactors in a consistently lawless and self-interested way.

The same pattern exists in The United States, where Territorial Government Subcontractors have used pretenses of commercial “war” to enable them to occupy our country with our own Armed Forces.

The same Perpetrators have organized as corporations named after us and named after the lawful governments of other countries and have stolen the identity of our respective government(s), in order to commandeer our credit and natural resources, in the exact same way that Credit Card Hackers steal the identities and credit resources of individual people.

We have seen the thuggery that this form of “government” engenders and the horrific cost of wars that inevitably result from it, and in no case where these Legal Fiction Entities have inserted themselves has there been any public understanding of their nature or the results of their activities. There is no consensual agreement or meeting of the minds allowing this usurpation against the living people.

Thus, we have Joe Biden ordering flunkies and subcontractors to blow up Russia’s Nordstream pipelines and thereby plunge much of Europe into an energy crisis simply because the US Subcontractors can’t deliver gas to Europe at a competitive price.

We have NATO, Inc., violating international law, murdering lawfully elected governments, installing puppet governments, and then imposing upon those governments to host outlawed bioweapons research and production facilities. The same commercial corporation perpetrators have fostered profiteering from money laundering, drug and arms and slave trading in the modern world, kidnapping and sale of children and young people, and other violent, despicable, and repugnant crimes.

They all need to be defunded and we wish them to be defunded immediately, with all Paymaster Accounts and functions being transferred to our control without further excuse or delay.

We have WHO, INC. making a bid to further commandeer the national governments using the excuse of a consensual public health interest that does not exist, and we have Joe Biden pretending to have the authority to hand over our national sovereignty when all he questionably controls are his own employees — those actually on his corporation’s payroll.

This form of deceptive coercion under force and color of law is a crime that cannot and will not be tolerated.

When corporations engage in crime and that crime results in injury to living people, those corporations must be liquidated. The UN CORP and WHO must go.

By seeking the benefits of incorporation all of these organizations have accepted public oversight and subjected their operations to the Ecclesiastical Law governing the existence of corporations. They have all run wild, succumbed to coercive, deceitful, and injurious criminal activity, and they must be liquidated as a result.

Prior experience has shown that unless the corporate veil is stripped away and the perpetrators are made to own the accountability for their own actions, nothing changes. They simply choose another name, organize another corporation, and continue doing the same criminal and destructive things.

We wish for the Vatican Chancery Court and the Pope to remove the corporate veils these individual perpetrators have used to cover themselves and prohibit them from exercising the privilege of incorporation again.

It is long past time for these corporations to be dissolved, these mercenary forces returned home and the nations of Earth set free of the Raj-like British American Territorial Occupation Forces, which enforced a form of Corporate Feudalism while pretending to represent the Free Nations of the world.

We, the living people and Lawful Persons represent the Free Nations of the world. We are the actual Government of The United States in International Jurisdiction, and we wish for these disloyal Subcontractors which have been organized as commercial corporations to be liquidated, defunded, and booted out of the positions of trust that they have improperly occupied.

We claim the assets and control of all corporations that have been created “in our names” and under the umbrella of our government and we wish for the immediate liquidation of the organizations which have been employed in the Territorial Takeover Scheme and the Depopulation Agenda, both.

We do not authorize Joe Biden or his Administration to spend billions of dollars worth of our credit in Ukraine and we wish for the immediate cessation of hostilities by all G-7 and G-20 “governmental services corporations” that have usurped upon the natural national governments of Europe, the former commonwealth, and Japan.

We are aware of the international treaties that created Ukraine as a separate state and nation. We know that these agreements allowed Russia to do what Russia has done and that the international community represented by the G-20 is well aware of this fact, and yet, the hypocrites have failed to admit this fact to the General Public in America, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and other places.

This failure by these commercial “governmental services” organizations to admit that Russia is acting in a legal and lawful capacity that was foreseen as an unpleasant possibility at the time that modern day Ukraine was created, and that Russia is 100% justified in its actions by: (1) the agreements formed under these referenced treaties; (2) the violent murder of the elected government of Ukraine carried out by Western Mercenaries; (3) the subsequent proliferation of NATO criminal activities in Ukraine including but not limited to: building outlawed bio weapons research and production facilities in Ukraine, establishing Ukrainian-based crime networks to profit from kidnapping, enslavement, gambling, illegal arms trading, organ harvesting, money laundering, production and trafficking of illegal drugs, and other repulsive crimes — is never mentioned in the so-called Free Press, with the result that over half of the world’s population is being deceived and strung along into another horrific war-for-profit.

Despite the contracts and agreements the G-20 Corporations entered into with Russia, they have all pretended that Russia is the problem in the current scenario when the actual problem is their own criminality, the grotesque misdirection and maladministration of the G-20 Corporations, and their endless usurpation against the lawful national governments that they are supposed to serve.

We wish for all these post-World War II Corporations, both Territorial and Municipal, to be liquidated. We wish for lawful national elections providing full disclosure to take place within the next six months. It’s time for the so-called American Civil War, World War I, and World War II to end; it is also time for any “World War III” to be shut down with prejudice by liquidating the commercial corporations responsible and holding their managers accountable.

Matthew 5:9. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.

On behalf of our country, our fifty sovereign States, and all our Nations, we are more than wealthy enough; nobody anywhere has any cause to seek more. The resources that belong to the living people and which have been unlawfully, illegally, and immorally commandeered by the so-called commercial services corporations are more than sufficient to provide for the abundant physical support of the living people and the nurturance of this entire planet without wars for profit, without any kind of coercive taxation, and without any invasive surveillance of living people.

We wish for lawful and prayerful action to end this 400-year-plus crime spree. We advocate the simple, transparent means we have provided for the distribution of prepaid credit and asset-backed money worldwide.

A list of the offending corporations is attached; this is not by any means a total and inclusive list. We anticipate that it will require at least a decade of continuing evaluation and liquidation enforcement to bring the worst of the offenders to justice.

This Second Addendum is issued on the Fifth of March 2023 and initialed by
James Clinton Belcher, Head of State, The United States of America

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