Innocent Inmates Can Now Receive Compensation

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A video I just saw got me looking to search for the story about a new Statute whereby two wrongfully charged men who spent 17 years behind bars for a crime they did not commit can now receive financial compensation because the police, prosecutor, DA, and the judge went ahead and convicted them without probable cause and sufficient evidence, knowing later that they did not commit the crimes, yet refusing to release them.

I’ve heard that it costs about $45,000 a year to house an inmate, which the taxpayers pay for, and now they can charge about $51,000 per year in addition which the taxpayers also pay for. This is in California, so you Sheriffs there better know what you are doing and you better get going on trying to release the innocent rather than trying to cover them all up to keep them behind bars.

I know what it is like in dealing with inmates. I am a former correctional officer in a facility dealing with inmates charged with misdemeanors, and I knew some of them who returned later after they were released. I had to deal with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department that was to oversee the facility.

The number of people who have been exonerated after a wrongful conviction from 1989-2021 in California is over 100, but we have the most populated state with over 12% of the nation’s population, and I am assuming none of these have ever received any compensation except in a lawsuit.

Here is the first case in California that gives compensation to the defendants. Other states have had the Innocence Project help them with the cases, but the defendants could not receive anything but a wave goodbye. Maybe now there is pressure put on law enforcement, prosecutors, DAs, and judges to make sure things are done correctly, or else they may end up behind bars for just trying to get points in their hat.

Two men wrongly convicted in California are declared innocent.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Two men who served nearly 17 years in prison after being wrongly convicted of attempted murder after a 2004 shooting were declared innocent Thursday by a California judge. Under a new law, the state is required to pay them $140 dollars for every day they spent behind bars; or about $900,000 dollars each.

The verdicts for Dupree Glass and Juan Rayford concluded a new trial that began in October after a state appeals court panel vacated their convictions and they were freed in 2020. The proceedings included a dramatic confession by the actual shooter, Chad Brandon McZeal, a gang member who’s serving a life sentence for murder in an unrelated case, the defense team said.

After the judge ruled, Glass and Rayford embraced each other and their attorneys. Outside the courthouse, the men were cheered by family members and supporters. Rayford, clutching his baby daughter, called it an “amazing” feeling to have their records finally wiped clean and their reputations restored.

Defense attorneys said the case was the first brought under a law that guarantees compensation for defendants who have their cases thrown out and also allows them to present evidence proving their innocence.

The new statute, which took effect in 2020, gives the defense a chance to show that there’s a “preponderance of evidence” showing innocence, she said. “We proved their innocence beyond a shadow of a doubt,” Della Donna said.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge H. Clay Jacke’s decision was “a long, detailed ruling exonerating them for any and all crimes” related to the shooting, said defense attorney Eric Dubin.

Dubin said he expects the state Victims Compensation Board to approve the nearly $900,000 in compensation due each man under the new law. On top of that, defense attorneys plan on suing the state, county, and district attorney’s office for wrongful prosecution, he said.”

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Innocent Black Men Get $140 For Each Day Of Imprisonment
Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey
51,057 views  May 2, 2023, 7:40 minutes

In this video, the cop shot the man in the head while holding his 1-year-old daughter to protect the child, yet the shot man dropped the child anyways, so the cop didn’t care about the actions he took while the man stopped and complied anyways a second before being shot. The cop put the life of the child in danger and he did not think about that black child. Once again an officer is found innocent of negligence.

Cop Fatally Shoots Complying Black Father Holding His Infant
Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey
325,921 views  May 1, 2023  5:35 minutes

“The shooting was found to be justified by the Office of Police Accountability after the SPD was criticized for using excessive force.”

Once again the police go by the standard of their Qualified Immunity from doing harm to others as they NEVER commit crimes.

I have seen many videos where a law enforcement officer just doesn’t care about people’s rights and demands ID or even goes to the point of searching the people without a warrant or being charged with any crimes, as it is for the safety of the officers, and they have even stripped searched both men and women in public which could be considered even a rape. But the officers are always investigated and come out as doing no wrong as the police investigate themselves, which a lawsuit is filed and the officers lose out which the taxpayers then payout without any financial payout from the officers.

People have even been arrested, with the charges later being dismissed, for taking pictures inside or outside of a government building and even trespassing for being on a sidewalk which is public property, but the officers just want to make an arrest as they are the authority, not the people. First Amendment Rights’ violations. One man was arrested for being a terrorist due to the officer’s ignorance of the Constitution with photography.

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