4164. For Those Who Remember

By Anna Von Reitz

For those who remember the bizarre opening and closing ceremonial pageants at the London Olympics and at the World Commonwealth Games this latest one won’t come as much of a surprise — the Grim Reaper posting guard outside one of the doors of Westminster Cathedral.

Please notice the similarity of the implements King Charles holds in his right and left hands to the implements held in ancient pictures of the Pharaohs and Sumerians.  These are the goads, right and left, which he employs to direct the affairs of the Imperial government — which has nothing to do with Great Britain as we think of it, at all. 

The newspaper writers try to tell us that the Coronation is merely symbolic and a private religious rite performed to meet one qualification of the Public Law enabling Charles to serve as King– which as it stands, is a promise to be a Protestant and remain a Protestant lineage as a condition of wearing the crown — but he’s wearing a foreign crown. 

Did anyone notice that?  If he were serving as a Christian Monarch, he’d be wearing the Crown of Saint Edward, not the Imperial Crown.

The Imperial Crown is an Office bestowed by the Pope. This is the crown of a secular office, the British version of the Papal Tiara.  

Some Catholics are dinging Charles III for violating United Nations agreements forbidding religious preference and assuming that he is anti-Catholic. 

Even they don’t know that he may say he’s a Protestant, but he is serving the Pope just the same. They should be snickering, like the fellows in the black robes and hoods. 

So here’s Charles, avowing with his mouth that he is and will remain a Protestant while wearing a Catholic Crown and serving as the Pope’s Overseer of the Commonwealth, and sitting on The Chair of the Estates, instead of the Throne. Just like his Mother. 

Just as his Mother trashed her own Oath and the appearance of being a Christian Monarch within three days of her own Coronation, King Charles III is doing the same.  

Watch closely these first few days to see what else he does.  And, of course, stay on the watch for Large Rats wearing black, hooded robes, with or without carrying pikes, candles, or scythes. Rumor has it that one of King Charles’ first acts involved firing a hundred of his faithful palace retainers. 

Although this is being pitched as a good-faith effort to reduce the costs and complexities of palace life, not caring about your employees, many of whom have devoted their lives to the care of the late Queen, is not a good sign. 


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