The Words We Use — Substantive or Statutory?

anna-2  by Anna von Reitz

The Words We Use — Substantive or Statutory?

Never, ever forget that law comes from religion and religion comes from man’s perception of God— either the True God, or the False God of our own making.

All this while, you’ve been living in two worlds and never even known it.

The world of flesh and the world of thought.

The True God, independent of Man, created the world of flesh and rock and water and air and fire. This world has “substance”. It’s factual. It runs according to Natural Laws. You can hold it in your hand. So it should come as no surprise that the law of the actual, factual world is called “Substantive Law” or The Law of Substance.

You, as a living being robed in flesh, are owed substantive law — but, instead, you have been “impersonated” as a corporation, and subjected to foreign statutory law by a process of “unlawful conversion”.

Most people know that “impersonation” is a crime, and both the word “unlawful” and “conversion” should give us pause.

We most often hear about a “religious conversion”, in which someone undergoes a change of religion, and if you change your religion, you change the law you are standing under.

A Jew who converts to Islam no longer stands under the Law of Moses. He stands under Sharia Law instead.

And a man who converts from his lawful existence as a man and who operates as a corporation named after himself instead, undergoes the same kind of change.

Such a man no longer stands under the Substantive Law of God. He instead subjects himself to the Statutory “law” created by men acting as Legislatures.

Therein lies the entire difference between what is “lawful” and what is “legal”, what is “substantive” and what is “statutory”.

As a convenience and as a profit-making mechanism for themselves, the Queen and the Pope and the corporations chartered under their auspices, have contrived to impersonate you and to subject this unlawfully converted thing operated under your name to statutory law— all without your knowing and fully disclosed consent.

These are crimes of state forbidden by both the Geneva Conventions and the Hague Conventions, and these Perpetrators are well-aware and fearful of what they have done.

Despite this, they — and their employees — are dragging their feet about making a correction, and trying to abuse bankruptcy as means of off-loading their own Odious Debts upon innocent people.

No amount of flannel-mouthed British charm can make up for the fact that hundreds of millions of bogus franchises of the British Crown and the Roman Municipal Government need to be liquidated and the unencumbered assets returned to the lawful owners: The United States of America and the individual States and People, and all the other countries and people that have been victimized.

We have asked for complete lawful conversion and re-conveyance of our Good Names and Estates, and offered them the chance to make good on their Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchankg remedy.

To date, they are still trying to get a fraudulent “war” started on our shores, despite the fact that we have forbidden our Subcontractors to do any such thing, and despite the fact that the Pope controls both sides of any such conflict.

We feel that continued obstruction of remedy long owed and overdue, and continued efforts to provoke unnecessary conflict, and failure to heal the grotesque Breach of Trust involved, are all indicative of Bad Faith by the Governments of the Queen, the Lord Mayor of London, the Pope, and the Municipal Government of Rome.

All these offices and institutions deserve to be exposed for their corruption and the crimes that they have committed against America and most other nations of the Earth.

Their embezzlement of our substance via means of fraud and words of art is well-recognized and documented now. The exact mechanisms employed to unlawfully seize upon and mis-characterize American babies have also been mapped out in detail.

There should be no further excuse or question that these actions are grossly improper, both unlawful and illegal, and have been used to evade the requirements of the constitutional agreements existing between the government of The United States of America and these foreign service providers.

The same Perpetrators have caused a similar fraud scheme to be unleashed on a worldwide basis, and used it to bring false claims in commerce against whole countries.

On behalf of our country, The United States of America, we have taken action to declare our correct political status and our standing under the substantive law, not the statutory law.

Instead of working with us to heal their mis-administration of our Public Servants, the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor, have continued to wheedle and delay and obstruct: (1) a proper accounting and (2) discharge of Odious Debts and (3) agreeable conciliatory efforts to return purloined credit to those are actually owed the credit — the living men and women, not the corporations.

Let our voices be raised and let them span the oceans. Let all our words be succinct and to the point. We are men and women, not “human beings”. We are many sovereign nations, not service corporations. We are free, not at liberty. We have been purchased at a great price, and nothing and nobody stands between us and the Divine.

Let those who would pretend to reduce us to the level of THINGS come forward before the Court of Heaven and contest their claims.


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JFK to 911 – Everything Explained

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

JFK to 911 – Everything Explained


Not “America” — the “US”

When you are talking about the American industrialists working as trans-nationalist corporations, then you need to think about the idiots serving them!

The politicians and the militarists!

I watched this whole movie and the major part of the error is that it is not and was not “America” to blame.

The major part of the problem, then and now, is that “the US” is not America!

The US is a vicious collusion between “the” United States Municipal Government and the Territorial “United States of America” as put forth by The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States (1937).

And they both belong to the Pope, because the Municipal Government is his responsibility directly, and “the” United States of America, Inc., is his indirectly via the Queen as Overseer.

All this is bogus BS to the extent that it tries to blame “America” for the sins of “the” US. and it is beyond high time that we all recognized the fact that these two things— “America” and “the US” are not synonymous.

And what the “US” has done in our name is not our doing, either.

As we crank down to the end of this movie, what we hear again and again is that “America” has done this and that these people — the criminals—- are “Americans”…. but in fact, all these Bad Actors are NOT “Americans”.

They are all (1) British Territorial United States Citizens or (2) “citizens of the United States” (Municipal citizens) instead, and they have nothing to do with America or Americans.

That is, as useful as this film is for certain purposes, it is still missing the point, that these Bad Actors are not Americans now and never were.

They are simply criminals engaged in criminal activity and they have nothing else to justify who or what they are.


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From James Belcher — False Flag in Virginia

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

From James Belcher — False Flag in Virginia

I don’t often speak out, but I am doing so today.

The Agents of the Municipal Government (Pope) are planning another attack in Virginia, by which they hope to justify violence and the seizure of our guns.

I am going to explain something that every member of the Armed Services and every veteran from every branch of service should understand.

When you enter the Service, you sign a contract. That contract obligates you to a tour of duty. During your tour, you stand under military law.

That is simple enough for anyone to understand and everyone who has been there knows what I am talking about.

Would it surprise you all to learn, that having placed yourself under that law, you remain under that law until you remove yourself from it again?

It used to be that you were automatically presumed to return to your lawful status as an American once you leave the Service, but that is no longer the case.

You have to declare your political status as an American and willfully “return” home to your natural jurisdiction on the land and soil of this country in order to stand under the law of this country—– and regain your Constitutional rights and guarantees.

It’s that simple.

The only way that the “Governor” of any Municipal “Commonwealth of Virginia” gets to mess with your guns, is if you are clueless and fail to declare your proper political status and allow him to “presume” that you are acting in the capacity of a “citizen of the United States”, instead of as an American.

Just like in the Service, a commanding officer can tell his troops to disarm.

That is what this “Commonwealth” Governor in Virginia is doing. He is ordering all his Municipal “citizens” to disarm themselves. They have to do so, because they signed up. They have a contract to obey him.

You, on the other hand, can exercise your exemption and stand under the original Constitutional Law of this country, called the “substantive law”.

So instead of giving the enemies of our country a chance to cause trouble, don’t go to any pro-gun rights rally in Virginia or anywhere else— exercise your exemption from gun-grabbing legislation directly and make it official.

There’s no reason to fight over something that you already have — your guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.

There’s just a need to declare who you are and which law you are standing under.

Go to: and get started today.


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American National Alert and Appeal

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

American National Alert and Appeal

I am being told by my intelligence sources (and bits and pieces are being confirmed in the news media) that rogue elements in Dick Cheney’s Department of Homeland Security (which is a private subcontractor and “executive” Department like DOJ—- meaning that they subcontract for our Subcontractors) —-were also working for “Hell’s Brigade”.

They conspired with other members of this elite transnational mercenary group which has infiltrated the national militaries of many nations including Iran and the US to steal two small nuclear bombs called “Baby Boomers” that are easily transported via railroad car or shipping container —-from an arsenal in the Southeastern United States.

The bombs are thought to be intended to stage another even worse attack than 911 on our own soil. The attack would take out the records of our so-called “Legacy Trusts” and Land Office Records for the past two centuries which are stored in Kansas —so the Vermin could come in and claim whatever they want about who owes our gold and who owes our land.

For my money, call it yet another Papist-British-Zionist collusion scheme — an attempt to steal our assets and avoid their own debts by any means possible.

Colorado would be a secondary target because that’s where the back-up records were stored. Please note—-“were” stored. A team of clerks transported computer data copies of all our land records and Legacy Trust data to our safe, if humble, Patriot Archive this morning.

Soleimani was involved in transporting and acquiring medical-grade Uranium made in Iran into this country via our Southern Border, and from there it could be amassed and used to construct more bombs on site in major cities across America.

Iranian and Danish officials discovered the theft of the medical-grade Uranium from Iranian facilities and tracked it back to Soleimani. The Iranian Government was afraid of him and what he was doing and ratted him and his collaborators out to the US.

Now the hunt is on to locate the missing bombs and the “small batch” Uranium stolen from the Iranian nuclear facilities by Soleimani and crew.

The men doing these awful things are driven by hatred and greed and a shared total disrespect of life and truth. They come from all nations and all disciplines and walks of life but have only one true allegiance — to a pagan religion that is called “The Religion of the Dead” and which takes its premises from the Grimoire of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

This is the “religion” of the Nazi SS and also the “religion” of Aleister Crowley and his Temple of the Golden Dawn, which in its English form is called Thelema and which in its German form is called The Thule Society.

This is very creepy, very polluted, demon-centered magick. The Practitioners forget what end awaits them.

The rumors that Crowley was Barbara Bush’s Father are substantiated by Crowley’s own diary and together with Prescott Bush’s financial support for Adolf Hitler makes a convincing argument that the Bush Family was part of an inter-generational cult of closet Satanists.

Do you think that it is a coincidence that GW was reading a nursery story about a goat to schoolchildren as 911 was going down? The Goat is the animal totem of The Horned God, Baphomet, the Demon these people worship.

ISIS was named after their principal goddess— Isis, the Egyptian name of Semiramis, also known as Ashtoreth, Astarte, Cybele, Sybil, and Columbia—- as in “District of Columbia”.

This ancient pagan plague came to Rome and became a popular religion after the fall of Carthage and was picked up by the Roman Legionnaires and the Coliseum Gladiators —remember their salute to Caesar: “We, who are about to die, salute you!”

It has continued to be practiced in secret and not so-secret, especially in military circles ever since.

It seems that at least some of those who make war for a living go soft in the head and make a cult of dying.

So, Hell’s Brigade has been summoned to wage an ersatz nuclear war on America.

By taking out Soleimani we took out one of the heads of the viper—- a man who was willing to set up his own country as the Fall Guy for this plot.

As usual, the Plotters were aiming for a Double Score—- destroy our trust and land records so that we could never claim back what is owed to us, and at the same time, use this attack as an excuse to attack Iran.

Just like the bogus BS against Iraq and Libya and 911, it was a set up executed by the same group of mercenaries being paid by the same British and Israeli Banks and using the same subcontractors to do it and all planned out and supported by the same no-good politicians and industrialists.

Cheney had better hope and pray to God that we find those nukes and medical Uranium stockpiles. If we don’t, and those things actually get detonated on American soil, the mis-named “Department of Homeland Security” is likely to be deconstructed down to a subatomic level.

And as for those people planning on attending any Pro-Gun Rally in Virginia —don’t.

The “Governor” of a “Commonwealth” has no power to take the guns of rank and file Americans. All you have to do to stop him is make sure that you are counted as a rank and file American and NOT as any kind of “US” Citizen.

For assistance doing that, go to:

Declare your political status and join your State Assembly and you can thumb your nose to all “offers” to subject you to gun-grabbing, false arrests, child-snatching, federal “income” taxes, political correctness, and all the other associated evils.

Just come home to America. Stop living in that corrupt and nasty Doppelgänger called “the US” and (unwittingly) subjecting yourselves to its foreign laws and its “Commonwealth” Governors.

The organizers of the Virginia Rally need to have the good sense of horses, realize it’s just another trap— the Vermin trying to get something going so that they have an excuse for killing innocent people— and call it off.

Cancel. Don’t go.

With all this other crappola in the air and nationwide man-hunts ongoing over entire states, this is no time to leave home. It’s time to hunker down and help your family and communities. And keep your guns safely at home for self-defense purposes.

Finally, we need our Prayer Warriors and People of Good Will to come to our defense as a nation that’s greatest sin was falling asleep.

Please know that America didn’t do these horrible things to the rest of the world—-the Pope’s Municipal Government dba “the” United States and the Queen’s Bully Boy doing business as “the” United States of America are the culprits and they have been operating in our names and doing evil in our names like any other criminal impostor.

The Pashats are needed now for the search and destroy mission.

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Symbols, Icons, and Keylons

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Symbols, Icons, and Keylons

Ever go to a baseball game and noticed the hand signals passing back and forth between the pitcher and the catcher? And often, the other players as well? How about football? Seen those signals, too?

Okay, so, have you gone to a courtroom and watched the attorneys passing signals back and forth among themselves and with the judge? Same thing.

And if you are alert, you have long seen the same use of hand signals going on in the media and among the politicians, too — for example, FDR’s famous “V” for “Victory”.

But is it a “V” for “Victory” or is it a “V” for something else?
It’s actually a very ancient hand signal of the followers of “the Horned God” — Baphomet.

It takes discernment to know if someone is using it innocently to denote “Victory” in some struggle, or if they are an initiate in the Kingdom of Liars connecting to and asking for the support of other initiates.

In the same way, a crucifix has a double meaning and discernment is necessary.

A crucifix can be a constant reminder of what Jesus suffered —- a symbol calling us to repent our sins…. or… can be a gloating remembrance of how Baphomet “triumphed” over his body, mocked him, and inflicted cruelty and pain on one who was blameless.

While a “V” for “Victory” is a temporary symbol that is here and gone like a flag signal, an “icon” — a symbol made physical — like the flag itself, is much more permanent.

We are surrounded by such symbols that have acquired double meanings.

Is it the Statue of Liberty? Or an idol honoring a venal and foreign goddess named by various names: Semiramis, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Ashtar, Isis, Cybele, Sybil, and….. Columbia? As in District of Columbia?

The phenomenon of “Q” is an example of a countering symbol, raised against the Corporatists.

The followers of Baphomet have always been Corporatists. They change living bodies into dead bodies —- Corps. Get it?

That’s why they play games with legal terms like “natural person” in Probate Court, to mean “corpse”.

The only power that Baphomet (whatever you want to call the Devil) has, is the power to destroy, murder, deflower, and defame. These people take life, but can’t give it back. In that sense, they are thieves.

And all their works are crimes, all based on lies and illusions and delusions of one kind or another.

So it behooves us to see how these criminals do what they do on a larger scale, to observe how they get people focused on negative things, how they distract people from what is important in every situation, how they twist our emotions by feeding us bad information, and overall, how they impersonate what is living and seek to substitute what is dead.

It also behooves us to seek the truth within ourselves, to face our struggle to recognize what is true and what is false, to discipline our imaginations and guard them against manipulation, and to be vigilant guardians of life — all life.

What appears to be physical substance in this world is actually composed of the symbols, the keylons, which includes numbers and letters, that project and order our perceptions.

Those perceptions become thoughts, the thoughts translate to emotions, and the emotions become actions.

You perceive smoke coming from the edge of your jacket cuff. You think: “My coat sleeve caught fire!” So you are immediately alarmed and fearful of injury. This prompts you to take quick action to put the fire out, either by smothering it or splashing it with water.

Perception becomes thought, thought becomes emotion, emotion becomes action.

At every step, you must be receiving and properly processing true information, or you wind up thinking wrong thoughts, feeling wrong emotions, or taking inappropriate action.

What if what appears to be a smoking coat sleeve isn’t smoking? What if the “smoke” is fog instead? What if it isn’t coming from your coat sleeve?

You see the problem. It’s easy for these fraud artists to feed you bad information or set up illusions that you fall victim to.
Like the illusion that the “Governor” of the “Commonwealth of Virginia” is The Governor of The State of Virginia, for example.

You have to maintain clarity and be sharply observant, but this can be difficult to do, when you have spent a lifetime without such focus.

Begin by trying to clear your mind like erasing a chalkboard.

It’s extraordinarily difficult for most people to do and maintain for more than a second or two at first, but try. As you keep trying to “quiet your mind” you will be able to stay in this empty state of awareness for longer periods of time, and use it as a place both to rest and to observe without judgement.

You will discover that you can be aware without words or numbers — simply aware and taking in the view. And in this restful state of awareness, you will know what is true, because you can bypass the jumbled up true and false symbols, icons, and keylons the same way that water bypasses a maze of rocks.


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Schiff reads articles of impeachment to Senate


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Can’t Anyone In This Country Read?

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Can’t Anyone In This Country Read?

For the last three weeks, I have been reading endless hysterical reports about gun-grabbing in Virginia and I even shared my correspondence to the Pope about it and still, there are people so clueless that they haven’t noticed what the “Governor” in Virginia is “Governor” of?

The Commonwealth of Virginia.

Is that Virginia, the State?


Is that even the State of Virginia?


Is it even the STATE OF VIRGINIA?


Wake up!

This man “acting” as “a” Governor in Virginia has no authority to issue any orders affecting any actual Virginian.

Nor does he have any authority over any U.S. Territorial State of Virginia or its U.S. Citizens, either.

If you are not a Pauper on the public dole seeking welfare benefits as a ward of the Commonwealth of Virginia, he can’t say or do spit with you or your guns.

The only people he can order around are members of the Commonwealth— Paupers and welfare dependents receiving actual Federal Welfare Benefits.

So stop calling this idiot by names and titles he does not possess!

He is not The Governor of Virginia, nor is he the Governor of the State of Virginia. He’s the Pope’s locale Nabob and the Queen is derelict in her duty to shut him down and observe his limits and so is the Pope.

Don’t bother talking to him. Go straight to his Bosses and get in their faces. They know the limits of his role and “powers” so make them responsible for controlling their own employee.


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