Three Reasons — A Message For America’s Veterans from James Belcher

by James Belcher

Three Reasons — A Message For America’s Veterans from James Belcher

I don’t often speak up, so I hope you will listen when I do.
There are three (3) reasons for you to take this message to heart.

First, your country is at risk and needs you.
Second, your countrymen are at risk and they need you.
Third, your own future is at risk and you need to take action for your own sake.

I spent a total of six years in military and agency service just prior to and during “the Vietnam Conflict”. I always wondered why all the simpering and refusal to call it for what it was — The Vietnam War?

Technically, as most of us now know, what went on in Vietnam wasn’t defined as a war. It was a “mercenary conflict”, also known as a “police action”. And technically, we were never soldiers, either.

We were cheap mercenaries sold by the politicians to serve foreign interests, just like the Hessians. Many of us were conscripted by an illegal draft system against our will. None of us were told our true status as mercenaries at the time, or afterward. We had to figure it out by ourselves.

For me, the revelation began with Robert McNamara, United States Secretary of Defense, and an obscure BBC broadcast in which he explained the technical difference between a “conflict” and a “war”.

European audiences were better informed about what we were doing than we were.

This is just one example of what you haven’t been told.

Here’s another.

Did you know that if you served at any time since 1946 and were discharged from military service — honorably or dishonorably — you are still in the service?

Prior to 1946 when you left military service, it was legally presumed that you returned home to your original political status as an American, and that you were no longer under any obligation to the federal government and no longer adopting any kind of federal citizenship.

But in 1946, all that changed. The reason for the change was originally to save money and avoid giving WWII Veterans benefits that they had earned.

Every man who returned home was supposed to be given a stock portfolio as part of the payment for his service. So they changed the definitions to make sure that those men, and those of us who followed after them in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and countless other foreign battlegrounds, never came home.

Technically. According to the legal definitions. Again.

If you have been discharged from any branch of the United States military at any time since 1946, you haven’t really been discharged from service obligations.

Instead of presuming that you went home to your natural political status as an American after leaving military service, they have presumed that you stayed in federal jurisdiction and that you volunteered to continue an endless tour of duty in an undisclosed reserve status.

I remember listening to a group of Marines drilling at Sheppard Air Force Base, and hearing all those men shouting, “I am an American!”

I wonder how they’d feel if they knew that there is a big and ugly difference between being an “American” and being a “US Citizen”?

I wonder how my buddies from the Nam Era would feel if they knew that they’d been served up as cheap mercenaries? And never got what they were owed as benefits for it?

I wonder how any American Veteran would feel if they knew that they were never properly discharged from federal service and federal jurisdiction, and that that “lapse” on the part of the politicians and their flunkies meant that they lost their constitutional guarantees and the freedoms they fought for?

It also means that we paid “federal income taxes” whether or not we had any income from federal sources. It means we got stuck paying mortgages owed by foreign governments. It means we were the goats, the targets, the easy marks.

And they got away with it, because we stupidly, trustingly, believed that the Federal Subcontractors were our government. And we trusted our government.

About now, you are feeling the sock in the gut. Maybe some of you are in denial and angry with me for saying all this. I was angry, too, and for a long time, I didn’t know where to go or what to do about it. Now, I do.

The first step is to send a Registered Letter, Return Receipt Requested, to the head of your former branch of service or services, if you served in more than one, informing him or her that you have been discharged and are returning to your birthright political status— and please amend your records accordingly.

Now, you are finally “home” and the U.S. Government has no plausible excuse for presuming otherwise.

Next, declare and record your birthright political status. Your parents weren’t told that they needed to do this for you, so it didn’t get done. It’s up to you to make a public declaration that you are a Minnesotan, Texan or Vermonter….

Next, get off the hump and join your State Assembly organization. You are part of a State, not a State-of-State.

A State-of-State, like the State of Florida, is a business organization hired to do work for the State under a service contract known as the State of [Whichever] Constitution.

Most likely, you are an Employer, not an Employee — and you are being inappropriately taxed and bossed around by your employees. It’s time to change all of that.

And I already told you why: for the sake of your country, your countrymen, and yourself.

We’ve all been lied to, cheated, bilked, and are now threatened with civil war by these hirelings, these foreign political parties, and the politicians pretending to “represent” us.

You may have heard that Mr. Trump recently ordered 600 million vaccine shots.

If you’ve ever served in the United States military, your health has already been severely undermined by experimental vaccines and exposure to nuclear waste and other forms of radiation, chemicals, and pollution.

Now the Federal Corporations, the foreign subcontractors responsible for these outrages, are proposing to “mandate” untested vaccines for the general population of this country and they think that they can get away with it by pretending that we are all “U.S. Citizens” and not Americans.

You may assume that this is being done in response to an outbreak of a dangerous strain of the Common Flu Virus —- but no virus known as Sars-Cov-2 or Covid-19, has ever been isolated or identified.

And no vaccine manufacturer or government is standing good for damages caused by this vaccine, either.

About now, the Red Alert Alarm Bells should be going off in your heads and you should be thinking —-WTF?

Bill Gates and Friends, including Dr. Fauci, have developed a patented RNA vaccine. This inserts a tiny scrap of patented RNA into your cells, and gives the owners of that patent an excuse to say that they own you, because they own that tiny scrap of privately patented RNA.

They are aiming at creating 600 million slaves worldwide, owned body and soul by the USA, Inc.

They assume that you are going to roll up your sleeves, and as long as you allow them to misidentify you as a U.S. Citizen, they think they have the right to force you and your family to do so.

It is well past the time that the politicians and the puppet master bankers behind all this got a needle shoved where the sun don’t shine, but the first step is for you to “come home” — write that letter and exonerate yourself from any presumption of continued federal service. Do it today.

Then follow up with your State Assembly and declare and record your political status as an American— not a U.S. Citizen. And then, get busy and shove.

You are the Employers. They are the Employees. Make it count.

Go to: and get started.

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For England 5.0 and America, Too

by Justice Anna von Reitz

For England 5.0 and America, Too

As we have been slogging through the trenches of many adversities and stupidities as well, we have kept a “weather eye” out for our friends in Britain, for information that they need, to affirm for their country the same respect and security that is owed to ours. We do this because we realize that the British People have been just as misinformed, abused, deceived, and defrauded as we have.

We have observed throughout that the Mess is not an American issue. It is a worldwide issue, with nearly every country on the globe being caught in the Corporatist web and nearly everyone on the planet being misrepresented as a Legal Person — a slave or indentured servant — a constructive fraud and identity theft and crime of personation designed to seize illegal and unlawful claim to our land and soil assets by Robber Baron billionaires like Bill Gates, who is aiming at the “Ultimate Theft”.
Bill Gates aims at nothing less than the theft of our bodies—literally.

He and his compatriots are attempting to do this by fraud, deceit, and genetic alteration, which would, if successful, lead to commercial claims of ownership and dependency based on the patented genetic material inserted into our natural genetic code — and that would enslave the entire affected world population.

Your “acceptance” of his patented RNA fragment would result in that RNA being inserted into your DNA and changing it forever. You would thereby become a new product belonging to Bill Gates and his co-conspirators.

You would no longer be a natural product of our original Creator.

This, more than anything else, is what is driving the criminals now engaged in the Covid-19 Farce.

The U.S. Military is in it up to their eyeballs, desperate to find a way to commercially enslave enough people to pay their bills.

They don’t care where, who, or how. They have built a system based on peonage (mercenary service) and enslavement (purported volunteers) and they aren’t willing to do the right thing and return to the command of their civilian government.

So this is a gargantuan issue that has to be finished once and for all —-most effectively by pulling all the patents that have been put in place in support of these nefarious aims.

Everyone’s support for everyone else is necessary. Our eternal vigilance and determination is required. Each one of us, in our own country, must serve to defeat the aims of the Corporatists, who are nothing but Colonialists on steroids, and Robber Barons without conscience.

That Bill Gates and DOD could even come up with such a plan is an indication of the disgusting lack of moral character that is common to both, and the necessity of dealing with — as in taking out — NATO and the UN responsible for the DOD and SERCO support that has thus far enabled this criminal idiocy.

SERCO is the British-based paymaster for the U.S. Military.—- and not coincidentally, it has also been unlawfully, illegally, and immorally placed in control of our United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) where it has accomplished no end of filthy mischief, including the promotion of private corporate patents on mankind’s DNA and RNA.

At the end of the day, it’s a British Corporation, SERCO, that is enabling Bill Gates and the Wellcome Trust and the Filthy Fabians to procure a patent on the RNA “creation” that they hope to insert in us via the Covid-19 Test and Covid-19 Vaccination— and thereby secure a commercial claim to own us.

Such an outrageous circumstance can hardly be described without retching. Our British kindred must act in their own defense against this and pull the rug out from underneath SERCO, must expose this diabolical plot against Nature and against Mankind to the Parliament, and to the world.

Just as we must expose it to the American People and must hold the Military and Corporate and Uniformed Officers commercially and personally 100% responsible, and must also liquidate the offending patents that have been issued under our Delegated Power by SERCO.

So, all right, Lads and Ladies. It’s showtime and the faster we act and the faster we start banging our dishes on the floor like angry dogs and put an end to this nastiness, the better.

Target SERCO, which richly deserves it. Target any politician who makes any excuse for this at all. Target the Parliament in Britain, and demand the immediate cessation of these abuses of the American patent process and immediate and permanent of all commercial claims against living people or their “persons” based on the insertion of patented DNA and RNA products.

Now, just because I have been dwelling on the current horrible betrayal and breach of trust being practiced against us all by the Pope and the acquiescing Queen and the Lord Mayor via SERCO and the US Patent and Trademark Office, doesn’t mean that I haven’t been looking out for our British friends regarding more basic ammunition valuable to us all.

Here it is for this week, and may God Bless him forever — DragonDaddy.

Go to:


This is the Declaration of Rights 1688 in Full, which King William and Queen Mary accepted. Offer + Acceptance = Contract in Law. Then it was converted via The Crown and Parliament Recognition Act 1688 into a Bill of Rights 1688/9 forever!
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Another Iteration of The Big Lie

by Justice Anna von Reitz

Another Iteration of The Big Lie

As I always say, if they could lie about dropping “Atom Bombs” on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they can lie about anything. And do.

That’s what the Children of Satan do. A lie is a prayer to their Father. So they really get into their profane religion; day after day, they placate the Spirit of Falsehood in every way possible.

So you must learn to discern what they are doing and use your God-given horse sense to figure things out. I call this using your “Shinola Sensor”.

So use it. Look. Think. Learn.

Often, their most successful scams revolve around something new — something you never heard about — like the Atom Bomb. The newness allows them to make up whatever drivel they want to make up, and because it’s “new”, you accept that whatever they tell you about it is true.

You have no knowledge of it, because it’s new.

You have no opinion of it, because it’s new.

And if it has something to do with science and it’s new, you probably don’t feel competent to form an opinion about it, and rely on “the experts” —- and how much does it cost them to buy experts?

So now that you are thinking about it and screwing up your courage to look behind the curtain at the ugly old man pulling the strings, so go to Bitchute and see this:


Dana Ashlie: “You Cannot Catch The Coronavirus Unless You Take The COVID-19 Test Or The COVID-19 Vaccine.”

The Invisible Rainbow Arthur Firstenberg…/English-Summary-of-The-Invisibl…


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Lawful Person or Legal Person, Human or Man?

by Justice Anna von Reitz

Lawful Person or Legal Person, Human or Man?

There continues to be confusion, so I am explaining it again.

You can be operating as a Lawful Person (who has rights and guarantees and protections and can own property) or as a Legal Person (who has no rights or guarantees and can only manage property for someone else as a slave or indentured servant).

Lawful Persons “record” their property assets and interests and retain ownership of their assets. Legal Persons “register” their interests and give them to their Masters in Trust who then own and control the assets held in Trust.

The Legal Person gets a Certificate as the Donor of the Assets (Birth Certificate) or a Registration Receipt (Motor Vehicle Registration).

The Master of the Trust retains both the Equitable Title and the Legal Title and distributes the interest as the Master sees fit.

The Legal Person/Donor stays on as an unpaid custodian of the property (your children, for example) and is accountable to the Master for their job performance (enter Child Protective Services or the Highway Patrol or, or, or…).

So now you see why it matters if you “record” or “register” and whether you act as a Lawful Person or a Legal Person.

I hope this explains my comment adequately for all concerned and shows everyone why it is essential to freedom and property ownership and control to establish and maintain your status as a Lawful Person.

As a Lawful Person you are the Employer of all the Legal Persons. As a Legal Person you are an Employee (either a slave or indentured servant) of the Lawful Persons.

In a similar way, there is a disparity between “human” and “man”.

The very name “human” means “hue-man” which means “color of man” which means “Legal Person”.

This “color of man” concept has nothing to do with race, but is used in the same sense as “color of Law”—- merely appearing to be law and merely appearing to be man.

When you allow someone to call you a “human” you are accepting the status of a Legal Person — a slave or indentured servant, and identifying yourself as such.

Humans and Legal Persons have “Civil Rights”. Civil Rights are not actually rights, but privileges that the Master allows his slaves and indentured servants. Because they are privileges and not actual rights, they can be revoked by command (Executive Order) or the stroke of a pen suspending such “rights”.

Men and Lawful Persons have “Natural and Unalienable Rights” that are part of their Nature, granted by Nature and Nature’s God — as the Founders put it. Nobody gave us the “right” to walk, talk, think, move from place to place, or exercise our will. These are called “Natural and Unalienable Rights” because they were not granted by men and cannot be taken away by men. They cannot be suspended or curtailed by Legal Persons.

This is one of the fundamental differences between the foreign oligarchies perpetuated by the City of Rome and the Vatican and the lawful and honorable government of this country; they allow both slavery and peonage, but we don’t allow such.

Therefore, if you want to be a slave, you can enslave yourself by accepting Municipal citizenship of the United States. If you want to sell yourself into mercenary service or act as an indentured servant, accept Territorial United States Citizenship.

But, if you want to be a free man or woman, endowed by your creator with certain Natural and Unalienable Rights, enabled to own property outright and to travel freely and to speak your mind and to be responsible for your own governance, then you accept the burden of being a State Citizen and you paddle your own canoe.

Go to:

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Checks and Balances Wake Up Call

by Justice Anna von Reitz

Checks and Balances Wake Up Call

Most of us were taught about the concept of “checks and balances” as the Founders applied this concept in building the Federal Government, but it is a very ancient concept, not something unique to our deliberate constructions designed to balance and counterbalance powers within various levels of our government.

One of the more ancient checks and balances principles involves the jurisdictions set up and recognized by the Roman Catholic Church in the process of setting up the Unum Sanctum (World) Trust: you can’t be in two jurisdictions at once, and as you gain power in one jurisdiction, you lose it in the others.

Strange, but true.

The jurisdiction of the land and soil is solid, therefore, most powerful and fixed. The jurisdiction of land and soil is where gold is gold, plums are plums, and men are men. Although our Proper Names, also known as “Lawful Persons”, are not physical, they belong to us in the same way that our parents might also give us a bicycle or a chest of drawers.

The rats have tried to human traffic us off the land and soil, and did it when we were too young to ever realize what they’d done.

Guess what? That “one in a million” Colonel House talked about? 320 of us figured it out.

Many people make the mistake of calling their possessions “personal property” when in fact they mean “private property”. This innocent mistake is then preyed upon by immoral judges and attorneys who think nothing of using this as a pretext to misidentify us, to steal our private property, and otherwise abuse us via False Legal Presumptions.

Remember that in their jurisdictions, “person” means “corporation” so when you say “personal property” you give them the excuse to presume that you are acting as a franchisee of a foreign corporation and are fair game to attack, not owed any constitutional guarantees, and not owed any protection from them.

Another example is the word “resident” or “residency”. We are not residents of our native land and soil. We are part of the population living on the land and soil of this country, but British Territorial and Municipal citizens of the United States are “residents” sojourning among us on a temporary basis while they provide us with what Article IV of the respective Constitutions calls “essential government services”.

The same shoe fits on the other foot in this case. They are residents when in our jurisdiction, and we are residents when we enter their watery or airy jurisdictions as well —- so it’s necessary to figure out who is acting as a “resident”, and where. Are you residing in their jurisdiction or are they residing in yours?

At every turn, intersection, and interface between the jurisdictions of air, land, and sea, we find the principles of “checks and balances” and the vocabulary of separate jurisdictions at work. We also find specific allocations of “Powers”.

The People (Lawful Persons) have the right to charter and to liquidate corporations and franchises of corporations that are organized under their direct or delegated powers.

Through such mechanisms as Anti-Trust and Anti-Monopoly laws, the People also exercise considerable control over the way corporations are allowed to operate and structure their business affiliations, but over time, Corporatists (Colonialists in drag) have undermined their true comptrollers until the People seldom, if ever, avail themselves of Public Interest actions to “check and balance” corporations.

For example, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media purveyors have been censoring free speech in America —- and using our Public Airwaves to do it. Does anyone see a problem here?

We already have the means to shut them down, bust their management, and liquidate their assets. It’s a matter of checks and balances.

When we stand in our proper capacity and act in our native jurisdiction we can kick every corporation you ever heard of to the curb.

Five major media conglomerates control the vast majority of all media markets in America —- and they are all: (1) foreign; (2) all making private profit off our public assets; (3) increasingly monopolized; and (4) spewing propaganda designed to undermine our health and economy.

So, we need to nationalize them, kick them out, restructure their operations, fine them and tax them and regulate them and, yes, liquidate their operations until they get a great big Attitude Adjustment.

See how they like being the targets.

A corporation is required to operate “lawfully” —- which is a far higher and different standard than to operate “legally”. Most of these operations can’t function for a day without breaking the Public Law, and they’ve simply gotten away with it for lack of enforcement of the Public Law.

Our two foreign federal subcontractors, both ultimately owned and operated by the Pope, have been colluding together to evade their constitutional obligations and to promote their own self-interest at the expense of their Employers.

Because they have been operating as privately owned and operated “governmental services corporations” they’ve been conveniently neglecting to enforce the Public Law.

Well, my, my, my….. seems like I remember something called Article IV of both The Constitution of the United States of America and The Constitution of the United States, which requires the protection of our persons and property — both public and private property.

That doesn’t include “protecting” us from opinions that run contrary to corporate bottom lines.

That doesn’t include curtailing our Natural and Unalienable Rights.

That doesn’t give Bill Gates the right to poke anyone with needles or alter anyone’s DNA with his patented RNA implants.

It doesn’t grant Fauci any right to “mandate” dog dung, masks, social distancing, or anything else.

It doesn’t allow for any indecent commercial claims of corporate ownership of anyone or any claim of dependency based on patented nanobots or microdots or RNA scraps injected into anyone for any purpose whatsoever.

Here we are: the long-lost American People.

Here’s news for Billy Gates and Dr. Fauci and the AMA —– your patents belong to us and are protected by us, and if we choose to bust your patents —- we can. And we will.

And BTW, your corporations belong to us, too.

Mr.Larry Fink and Black Water, Inc. just learned that the hard way.

Yes, there is a Giant in the room, and it’s no longer sleeping.

Try to claim that you have any ownership interest in living men and women based on injecting them with your patented RNA crap and there won’t be anything but a grease spot left of you, your patents, or your corporations, either.

So fold up the Plandemic Crappola. Call off the Funky Propaganda Act. We are holding every Corporate Officer and every Uniformed Officer in America personally and commercially liable for this and all your parent corporations and trustees, too.

When corporations cross the line, when they operate as monopoly interests, when they engage in interlocking trust directorates, when they engage in criminal activities, when they knowingly advertise products, ideas, and agendas that are damaging to our health and our economy, when they infringe upon our constitutional guarantees and use our Public Airwaves and Public Right of Ways and Public Easements to do it—– it’s time for the People to shut them down in the Public Interest.

We have the “checks” and it’s time for the “balances”.

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The Extra Mile

by Justice Anna von Reitz

The Extra Mile

“Go the extra mile,” my Mother would chide and wave her hand, as if the sacrifice she expected was nothing more than a bit of lint on a sweater.

Carry ten sacks of groceries up three flights of stairs. Go visit the inmates. Comfort the elderly. Bring bouquets of flowers for the hospital front desk. Donate the homemade apple jelly you slaved over to the church bazaar. Volunteer to scrub floors and carry bedpans at the VA Hospital. Just do it.

“You can afford to go the extra mile,” she’d say with ultimate confidence.

Make decorations for the dance you will never go to. Be the Sag Wagon for those in the race. Be content to sit on the bench in a head-to-toe Tiger Mascot suit. It’s okay. It’s all okay. Put your extra pennies in the collection tin at the grocery store. Sew blankets for Salvation Army to give to families in need. Don’t even think about it.

“Count your blessings!” she’d roar and then, with a quirk of the eyebrow, “When’s the last time you went hungry?”

True. So do what needs to be done. Get on your bicycle and take the sewing to Miss Susan. She needs to make some extra money this month. And help Uncle Merton shingle his roof. You can carry a couple shingles up a ladder! (It’s only a couple hundred trips up and down.) It’s time to plant the community garden, but first, you’ll have to take the rototiller to it….. and on and on.

Go the extra mile. Boy, I thought, this “mile” goes on forever! If it were only a mile, I’d have ten laps around the Earth!

Dad needs you to prune the apple and plum trees this year. (There goes my social life for a month.) The work crew needs lunch and coffee. (Lunch for 15 men, with dessert, and plenty of coffee, by noon. Coming right up….) Can you help Albert with his algebra? (Wonderful. It wasn’t bad enough I had to learn it myself, I also have to teach it.) And the choir is singing at the sunrise service.

Oh, joy…. that also means get up an hour early to feed and water the cows. And the dog and the chickens. O-dark-thirty just turned into plain dark.

And while you are at it….Bunny LeFevre needs you to help serve coffee at the VFW next Wednesday —and on Thursday morning, it’s our turn to clean the Townhall for the meeting that night. (Picture fifty of the dustiest chairs in all of creation, all needing every rung and seat to be in white glove condition. P. S. You can forget about going swimming with the rest of the girls.) Oh, and Olive Kimball needs donations for the Bake Sale on Saturday. You know she loves your Walnut Brownies…..

But that’s not the point, is it? Go the extra mile. Give back. Make it work. Make things happen.

It never occurred to me as a child or young adult that “going the extra mile” is an ethos and a way of life. The connection to Yeshuah’s shirt —- the one we are supposed to give away — wasn’t always apparent. Early on, it just seemed like a lot of extra work for no certain outcome.

What person in their right mind, I used to wonder, would embrace a lot of extra work for no certain outcome? — as I watched my parents sail over the horizon, bearing burdens they didn’t have to bear. Unwanted children landed on their doorstep, unemployed vagrants, lost dogs, alcoholic friends….

What, ho, my Mother would rub her hands gleefully and jump right in. No job too big or too small. Grow an extra acre of squash for the Food Bank? No problem.

Right. And she never doubted that she could do it, either.

Whatever the challenge was, she was ready, all five-foot-nothing of her. Like my Father, I used to draw a deep breath, hold it, and slowly release…. if life didn’t offer enough opportunities to “go the extra mile” she’d go out and find more.

Recently, I found an unwanted thirty-year-old motorhome that was still salvageable and gave it to a family that was living in a tent. Now, (in all our spare time, right?) we are helping them get ready for winter, slathering goop on the roof, insulating doors and windows, repairing electrical systems….

Somewhere in the midst of this endeavor, the Dad turned and looked me in the eye and said, “Why are you doing this? Why do you even care what happens to us?”

I was tempted to quip something like, “Frozen neighbors isn’t an option.” — but I didn’t. I stopped and thought about it. I realized that I was just “going the extra mile” with no doubt that I could do it, and no big question whether or not I should.

This family was hit by a trifecta of health problems, job loss and home loss. None of it was their fault, but they’d reached such a depth of destitution that there was no way for them to climb out, unless somebody stopped to help.

The man was looking at me with a combination of suspicion and wonder.

What did I want in return? He couldn’t imagine anything that he had left to give, and as everybody knows, people don’t take on a lot of extra work for no certain outcome….

Unless, that is, they just pick up the extra mile, the extra job, the extra child, the extra motorhome renovation— and sail on. Our ragtag band of Merry Men living out here in the Big Lake Forest will get the job done before winter sets in.

This family will have a small but secure shelter from the storm, and good neighbors who have been blessed enough to have snow plowing equipment and freezers full of fish and moose meat to share. This family will get by and so will we, because some of us remember that old extra mile, having trodden over it many times before.

They are learning the hard way — on the receiving end — what it means to be an American. The day will come when the Father of this family will shake himself awake from his bad dreams and realize how much he has. And then, like generations of Americans before him, he’ll learn to walk that extra mile.

This country needs to remember its hard-scrabble heritage. It’s time to remember what we do when our country and our neighbors are in trouble. Get off your couches and turn off the television. Look around.

What can you do to help? Where’s the burden you can carry? What’s the errand that you can run? The food you can deliver? The wisdom you can share? The skill you can bring to bear? The tools rusting in your basement? The clothes and extra shoes in your closet? The comfort you can render?

Once you start looking, that old extra mile opens up in all directions. It’s there waiting for you, in your neighborhood, in your town, in your city. Right now. And all those in need are giving you the precious opportunity to give, and to care, and to live and let live. And yes, an opportunity to welcome a brother or sister home to America.

Don’t waste time feeling afraid of a virus that hasn’t even been isolated or identified. No such beastie as “Covid 19” has even been shown to exist. So ask yourselves — how are they testing for or developing a vaccine for a virus that they haven’t even identified? Hello?

Think about that, in full view of all the Big Lies that the media and the government corporations have been telling everyone for years.

Don’t be overwhelmed, get moving. Have that cheerful confidence that you can go the extra mile. Just do it. Put one foot in front of the other, join together, and cover the distance.

If you haven’t done so already, you can start by getting your own house and political status in order, so that there is no longer any doubt about who you are or what you believe in. Go to: today and get started.

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Alaska Supreme Court Judge Anna Von Reitz At Republic of Texas Congressional Session | Apr 15, 2018


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Anna von Reitz on the Fundamentals — How We the People, Owning the Land, Can Reject Banks & Debt


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Affidavits by Robert-dean:House
I do not know where it originated from, but some people have altered the form of an affidavit.  A victim- or witness-affidavit is usually given by one or the other and they often do not know all the facts in a given situation only that of what they know first hand.  This is why we are supposed to have a Grand Jury with four Administrators.  It is the Administrators job to put together the details of a case not that of the victim or witness.  Theirs is to report a crime/complaint to the best of their ability.
Person 1 has a problem with person 2.  If 1 does not make known to 2 the problem then there is none.  If 1 makes known to 2 the problem it can be verbal or in writing.  This is the contract (for contracts can be verbal).  If 2 disagrees, then 1 has the choice of doing a Sworn Affidavit of being the victim.  1 then officially notifies 2 by serving the affidavit or mailing it registered or certified mail receipt requested to prove he / she did receive it. This is the process of attempting to solve a two-party contract.  A process server is the witness to the service and logs the name, date, location, and time of service.   2 is given a certain amount of days to answer with his / her own side of the story via affidavit.  Should 2 see fit not to perjure himself / herself due to the affidavit from 1 being accurate, he / she may do so by not answering it.  At this point, there is no one or court that can intervene, challenge, or change the truth as it has been recognized by 1.  This is known as a final determination / judgment as, THE COURT.
Should 2 give a truthful affidavit as the victim or in conflict of 1, then there is a clear conflict of the truth.  Then and only then is a third, (3) party, which must be agreed upon by both 1 and 2, can intervene.  Under the Common Law of Self Governance, it is to be one of the Grand Jury Administrators whose job it is to interview both 1 and 2 in an attempt to gather the truth via facts.  These facts may be via documents, other witness affidavits, contracts, registrations, licenses, etc. then written up as an investigative report for the court.  If the Administrator does not satisfy the situation himself then he forewords it to the Grand Jury who may see fit to have it presented to a jury of twelve.
THIS is what the attorneys and judges are worried about the most.  They operate under deceit and consent and can not give the truth without implicating themselves with fraud.
Therefore, they will not answer to an affidavit.  This should not be looked at as not getting any satisfaction for there are no statutes of limitation under common law.  These people are operating under fictitious corporations assigned a CUSIP number and that number can be used for monetary compensation and atonement.  I won’t get into that here for the current monetary is an evil system that one should not desire.
My intent here is to bring knowledge to the people in proof of my own experience with the attempt to see how important and powerful the Affidavit Statement of Truth is.
One must, MUST, see how they are being used by the court’s assumption of who and what one is.  They MUST correct this with the (AFFIDAVIT)STATEMENT-OF-LIVE-LIFE-BIRTH.  No group of people or another person can do this for the one.  The one him / herself must do it.  Affidavits are done by the real people, not a Fictitious Character.
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